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Geballe Research Workshops

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The Theodore and Frances Geballe Research Workshops bring together Stanford faculty, advanced graduate students, and visiting scholars to present research and explore topics of common intellectual concern. Workshops meet at least three times a quarter during the academic year. Many workshop meetings, particularly those organized as lectures, conferences, or symposia, are open to the public.

The Geballe Research Workshops' core goals include:
  • The realization and development of latent research agendas
  • The exploration of ideas that cross the usual disciplinary or institutional boundaries
  • Providing a context for advanced graduate students working on dissertations to receive support and stimulation from participating in a shared intellectual enterprise with faculty
  • The assistance of graduate students in the development of the professional skills they need as they develop from students into active scholars addressing a community of peers
  • The support of collaborative research, particularly in the development of areas of research that no single researcher or institution could address alone.
The program offers Stanford faculty and students as well as scholars from other institutions a unique kind of engagement. They meet outside traditional departmental boundaries and in truly interdisciplinary collaborations to explore research topics that they themselves determine. The program thus supports faculty in their efforts to investigate and construct new areas of research in a time of shifting disciplinary boundaries, while encouraging graduate students to participate in ongoing scholarly dialogues.
Funding for this program comes from gifts to endowment from individuals as well as from the Mellon Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Call For Proposals for 2015-2016
Applications are now open through April 1, 2015

What's new?

  • All applications must be completed online.
  • Coordinators: We are continuing the policy of only one graduate student coordinator per workshop to interface between our office and your workshop. This same individual will be on board to coordinate for all three academic quarters. Each workshop applicant can have up to two faculty coordinators.
  • Total funding award will be $9,000 for the academic year (September -€“ June) 2015-16.

Application Process:

All three proposal categories will follow steps 1 and 2 below.
Renewing workshops must send out the evaluation in link #3 to their participants.
  1. Read the Guidelines and FAQs to apply for a Geballe Research Workshop
  2. Fill out the 2015-16 Workshop Application Form
  3. Participants in current workshops applying for renewal in 2015-16 must complete the Participant Evaluation Form