2014 Grant Recipients

CREEES Summer Travel/Research Grant

Jason Cieply, Slavic Languages and Literatures PhD
St. Petersburg, Russia

Voice of Enthusiasm in Soviet Literature & Society, 1917-1933

Jason travelled to St. Petersburg, Russia to conduct research towards my dissertation chapters on the problem of enthusiasm in the work of the early-Soviet satire writer, Mikhail Zoshchenko. During his stay, he conducted the majority of his research at the Zoshchenko Museum and periodical section of the Russian National Library, which greatly benefitted his current dissertation chapter. Using his time in St. Petersburg, he was able to produce a compelling image of Soviet psychology and investigate the most immediate context to Zoshchenko’s work.

Brian Kim, Slavic Languages and Literatures PhD
Helsinki, Finland

Chasing Fairies: Konstantin Balmont’s Russian Japonerie

Brian conducted dissertation research in Finland on the Russian Symbolist poet Konstantin Balmont's translations of classical Japanese poetry into Russia. Using materials housed at the Slavonic Library of the National Library of Finland, Brian investigated the paradoxical nature of the admiring, yet Orientalist attitudes manifested in the poet's translations. Through close readings of Balmont's translations alongside the Japanese originals, Brian explored the interactions between Balmont's generally faithful translation practices and his exoticizing adotation of Japan.

Orysia Kulick, History PhD
Lviv and Dnipropertrovsk, Ukraine

Regionalism in Ukraine and the Long Collapse of the Soviet Union, 1954-2014

Orysia spent the summer in Ukraine, conducting archival research in Kyiv, making extensive use of the materials in Dnipopetrovsk. The city’s crucial geopolitical pivot shaped her research agenda, opening her up to new ways of thinking about the relationship between the party and the institutions that made up the Soviet state and economy. The material she explored helped to substantiate her theory that the state apparatus became more independent over time as the Soviet economy grew more complex.

Lori Weeks, Anthropology PhD and JD
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

Restoring the Greatest Monument: Nation Building 2.0 in Post Soviet E-Stonia

Lori conducted preliminary research into the changing face of nationalism in Post-Soviet Europe.  Her work this summer took her to almost every corner of Estonia and involved activities as diverse as excavating medieval cemeteries, listening in on official meetings, and attending conferences about historic landscape restoration.  Though varied in its forms and settings, the preliminary ethnographic research Lori conducted this summer made it possible for her to develop and refine more compelling and relevant dissertation research questions.

Globalizing Eurasia

Sam Rebo ‘15
Moscow, Russia, Armenia

The Origins and Goals of Russia’s Eurasia Union

Sam spent the summer doing preliminary research for his honors thesis on the Eurasian Union. The Grant allowed him to live in Russia where he worked on his project under the auspices of the Carnegie Center in Moscow. Additionally, he spent time in Armenia, in order to better understand the Eurasian Union from a non-Russian perspective.

Grace Zhou, Anthropology PhD
Kyrgyzstan, China, Turkestan

Bazaar City: Informal Economies in Osh, Kyrgyzstan

Grace set of this summer to engage in exploratory fieldwork in preparation for extended doctoral research with the initial question: how are informal economies, particularly market engagements and trade networks across the Kyrgyz-Chinese border reshaping urban sociality? In Osh, Kyrgyzstan, Grace observed and participated in daily business at Kara-suu bazaar, the large transnational bazaar in the country’s south. She interviewed businessmen and women and found successful businesses were guided by adaptive strategies that drew on both Soviet legacies, new international routes, and which utilized or forged kinship ties.

Tricia Owlett, East Asian Languages and Cultures PhD
China, Mongolia

Living on the Edge: Emergence of Early Herding Societies in Prehistoric China and Eurasia

Tricia’s summer research focused on the introduction and spread of sheep, goat, and cattle herding economies between Mongolia and the northern frontier zone of China during the late Neolithic and early Bronze Age. While in Mongolia, Tricia visited various archaeological sites and museums, looking for shared iconography and artifact styles between China and Mongolia. In the northern Shaanxi Province in China, Tricia had the opportunity to excavate at the site of Shimao, and also helped supervise the excavation of Neolithic households through a collaborative research project with the Shaanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology.


Summer FLAS

Brigid Connor, REEES MA ‘14
Russian at Middlebury College

Charles Powell, REEES MA ‘14
Russian at Arizona State

Victoria Saadat, Epidemiology & Clinical Research MS
Kazakh, American Councils Eurasian Regional Language Program in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Summer in Central Asia: Language, Culture, and Life in Kazakhstan

Victoria participated in the American Councils Eurasian Regional Language Program (ERLP) in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  For 8 weeks, she studied Kazakh language at KIMEP, a university in Almaty, and lived with a host family, learning the Kazakh way of life first hand. Her experiences in Kazakhstan helped her to see the connections between language, culture, and history throughout Central Asia.


2013 Grant Recipients

CREEES Summer Travel/Research Grant

Jason Cieply, Slavic PhD, Ukraine

Markian Dobczansky, History PhD, Ukraine

Lukas Dovern, History PhD, Czech Republic

Emily Grelle , REEES MA ‘13, Russia

Justine Issavi, Anthropology, Turkey

Dennis Keen, REEES MA ‘13, Kazakhstan

Gabor Simonovitz, Political Science PhD, Hungary

Amada Wetsel, Anthropology PhD, Kyrgyzstan

Globalizing Eurasia Grant

Miguel Boluda ‘14 in Russia, Spain

Vladimir Troyansky, History PhD in Bulgaria, Georgia, Turkey

Summer FLAS

Ali Karamustafa, History PhD, Russian in Kazan, Russia

Brian Kim, Slavic PhD, Russian in Kyiv, Ukraine

David Parker, REEES MA ‘12, Russian in Kyiv, Ukraine

Alice Underwood, Comparative Literature PhD, Russian in Kyiv, Ukraine

Ashley Walters, History PhD, Russia at Middlebury College

Nick Levy, History PhD, Polish at University of Krakow, Poland

Summer Language Study Grant for Undergraduates

Kyle Dumovic, Russian at the Cosmopolitan Foreign Language School, Novosibirsk, Russian

Sam Mercer, Russian at the Monterey Institute of International Studies


2012 Grant Recipients

CREEES Summer Travel/Research Grant

Kara Downey, Political Science PhD

Alexander Frese, History PhD

Carolin Krahn, Music PhD,

Kevin Miller, History PhD

Bruce O'Neill, Anthropology PhD

Maya Rostowska, REEES MA ‘12

Vladimir Troyansky, History PhD


Summer FLAS

William Fryer, Spanish PhD, Ottoman Turkish at the Harvard-Koc Program in Koc, Turkey

Hannah Gould, Slavic PhD, Russian at the Monterey Institute for International Studies

Nicole Goulanis, French and Italian PhD, Russian in Moscow

Dennis Keen, REEES MA ‘12, Kazkh at UW-Madison

Joshua Meyers, History PhD, Russian at Middlebury College

William Sherman, Religious Studies PhD, Persian at UW-Madison

Alice Underwood, Comparative Literature PhD, Russian in Moscow

Sarah Wilson, Slavic PhD, Ukrainian in Lviv

Zach Witlin, REEES MA ‘12, Russian in Moscow

Summer Language Study Grant for Undergraduates

Pierre Allegaert, Russian in Moscow

Laura Marti, Russian at the University of Pittsburgh

Brian Tich, Russian in Kazan, Russia

2011 Grant Recipients

CREEES Summer Travel/Research Grant

Tijana Petrovic, Documentary Film MFA, Bosnia and Herzegovinia

Markian Dobczansky, History PhD, Ukraine

Aleksei Lund, History PhD, Azerbaijan

Ioanna Zyga, REEES MA ‘11, Russia

Firat Bozcali, Anthropology PhD, Turkey

Molly Pucci, History PhD, Czech Republic and Germany

Orysia Kulick, History PhD, Ukraine

Summer FLAS

Kara Downey, Political Science PhD, Tajik in Dushanbe

Bill Leidy, Slavic PhD, Russian in Kyiv, Ukraine

Maria Mammina, REEES MA ‘11, Russian in St. Petersburg

Anna Whittington, REEES MA ‘11, Uzbek in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Andrew Bogrand , REEES, MA ‘11, Russian in St. Petersburg

Summer Language Study Grant for Undergraduates

Josh Seigel, Russian in Moscow

Josie Johnson, Russian at the University of Washington

Alli Rath, Russian at the University of Pittsburgh

Mariah Halperin, Turkish in Istanbul


2010 Grant Recipients

CREEES Summer Travel/Research Grant

Irina Erman, Slavic, Russia

Magdalena Gross, School of Education, Poland

Orysia Kulick, History, Ukraine

Lindsay Martin, History, Russia

Shane Morrison, School of Medicine, Albania

Rujuta Parikh, Slavic, UW-Madison, US

Kathryn Ward, History, Ukraine

Summer FLAS

Scott Bartling, Slavic, Kazakh in Almaty

Kara Downey, Political Science, Russian in Astrakhan

Helen Human, Anthropology, Turkish in Istanbul

Aleksei Lund, History, Azerbaijani in Baku

Katharina Matro, History, Polish in Lublin

Molly Pucci, History, Polish in Krakow

Andrew Roth, REEES MA, Turkish at UW-Madison

Summer Language Study Grant for Undergraduates

Emma Cobert, Polish in Krakow

Teresa Miroslaw, Polish in Krakow

Eric Slesinger, Russian in Moscow


2009 Grant Recipients

CREEES Summer Travel/Research Grant

Andrea Abel, Political Science, in Hungary

Megan Dean, History, in Georgia

Helen Human, Anthropology, in Montenegro

Dina Moyal, History, in Russia

Zhanara Nauruzbayeva, in Kazakhstan

Bruce O'Neill, Anthropology, inRomania

Ugur Pece, in Bulgaria

Summer FLAS

Tanya Bulloch, REEES, Russian in Odessa, Ukraine

Kiersten Jakobsen, Russian at the University of Pittsburgh and Moscow

Christopher Jones, REEES, Russian in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Mengkai Shieh, Russian in Moscow

Matt Woloszyn, Polish in Krakow

Summer Language Study Grant for Undergraduates

Isabel Chang for Russian at Middlebury College

Siyeona Chang for Russian in Moscow

Richard Futrell for Hungarian in Budapest


2008 Grant Recipients

CREEES Summer Travel/Research Grant

Katharina Matro, History, Western Poland

Alexander Frese, History, Germany

Kathryn Ward, History, Poland

Larisa Lehmer, REEES, Russia

Dina Moyal, History, Russia

Summer FLAS

Saya Kitasei, REEES, Russian in Moscow

Bill Leidy, Slavic, Polish in Lublin

Alexei Lund, History, Azerbaijani in Baku

Monique Smith, REEES, Russian at Columbia University

Summer Language Study Grant for Undergraduates

Siyeona Chang, Russian in Moscow

Julian Gropp, Russian in Moscow

Nathan Hayflick, Russian in St. Petersburg

Andrew Wyhinny, Ukrainian in Kyiv


2007 Grant Recipients

creees summer travel/research grant

Ilya Gruen, Slavic, Russia and Germany

Tomas Matza, Modern Thought and Literature, Russia

Dina Moyal, History, Russia

Daniel Perez, History, Serbia

Summer FLAS

Marc Engberg, REEES, Russian at Columbia University

Ben Knelman, REEES and Economics, Russian in Moscow

Stephen Rogers, REEES, Ukrainian at the University of Kansas

Mengkai Shieh, School of Medicine, Russian at UCLA

Suzanne Sutherland, History, Czech in Prague

Summer Language Study Grant for Undergraduates

Andrew Roth, Russian at Middlebury College

Margo Watson, Russian in St. Petersburg