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2.3.3 Tuition Privileges

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This Guide Memo describes a tuition grant program for children of faculty and staff and auditing privileges for Stanford University courses.


Approved by the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and the Vice President of Human Resources.


This policy applies to all Stanford employees except those covered by collective bargaining agreements. For benefits applicable to employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, refer to the applicable agreement at Labor Relations & Collective Bargaining.  

1. Tuition Grant Program for Children of Faculty or Staff

Stanford University has a program under which eligible faculty and staff may receive financial assistance toward the cost of post-high school education for their children. "Tuition Grant Program (TGP) Guidelines" provides information about eligibility, coverage, benefits, and application procedures. It is available from, or call (650) 736-2985 (local) or (877) 905-2985 (toll-free) and press the option for TGP. Schools and divisions at their discretion may provide tuition assistance to other staff (not to exceed the benefit provided by the tuition grant program). That tuition assistance is taxable and will be reported as income to the employee.

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2. Auditing Stanford Courses

a. Courses Available
It is necessary to limit the audit privilege to lecture courses. Auditing is not feasible and will not be authorized for courses which involve individual instruction such as creative writing, acting, studio art, music practice, language practice (grammar or conversation), seminars, and courses with laboratories.

b. Eligibility to Audit With Waiver of Fees
The usual fee for auditing will be waived for faculty members and for spouses and same-sex domestic partners of faculty and regular employees, and also for regular employees when the course will improve the employee's efficiency on the job.The children of faculty and staff are not eligible to audit classes with a waiver of fees.

c. Procedures
Registration forms for auditing are available at the Student Services Center in Tresidder Memorial Union. All auditors must obtain the course instructor's permission to audit. Staff employees must also obtain written permission from the department head stating that the course will improve the employee's effectiveness and that time off is approved if needed. All persons requesting to audit will be required to present their Stanford I.D. card at the time they register.

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3. Staff Development and Training

Information about tuition assistance and other training and development programs for regular employees is provided in Guide Memo 2.1.12: Staff Development Program.

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