James Cavallaro

James L. Cavallaro

James L. Cavallaro

  • Professor of Law
  • Director of the International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic
  • Director of the Human Rights Center
  • Room N140, Neukom Building


  • Human Rights
  • Human Rights International Law
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Policy Practicum: Human Rights in the Americas: the Inter-American System

In this practicum, students will contribute to analyses of the current state of human rights in the Americas and, in particular, to analyses of areas of focus for the Inter-American Commission (the “Commission”). Students will become familiar with international and regional standards in human rights and with the procedures, history and practice of the Commission and will contribute, through their policy analysis, to the work of the Commission. Working independently and/or in teams, students will prepare studies on situations of rights abuse, as well as on best practices across the region.

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Stanford Human Rights Center

The Stanford Human Rights Center provides tools for students, advocates, states, and civil society to better understand how to respect and protect human rights. The Center was created in 2013 to conduct applied human rights research. We promote events, student engagement, and public understanding of international human rights and global justice.
Our work focuses on public policy analysis in the areas of criminal justice reform, conditions of detention, and developing incentives for states and corporations to respect human rights. Although our main area of focus for this work is Latin America, our work on corporate accountability has taken us across the globe.

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International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic

International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic

The Stanford International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic, launched in 2011, addresses a range of situations of rights abuse and violent conflict around the world. By providing direct representation to victims and by working with communities that have suffered or face potential abuse, the Clinic seeks both to train advocates and advance the cause of human rights and global justice.

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