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Checklist for Event Coordinators

Pre-Event Checklist

Please use this list to assist you with the "things to do" when you are preparing for your event.
  • Arrange for someone to set up in the lobby and to field inquiries if you are having a conference or colloquium.
  • Arrange for someone to "leave the room as you found it" after your event. (Please refer to postevent checklist.)
  • If you are using a caterer, make arrangements for someone to be here for delivery and pick-up. (Do not leave leftover food and dishes unattended. Please make arrangements for pick-up on the same day of your event.)
  • Check with your speaker regarding AV needs. Rent all necessary equipment (e.g. video services, slide or overhead projectors, etc.) from Events & Labor Services, A work order to Events & Labor Services for a technician is highly recommended for operating the AV equipment in Levinthal Hall. Please plan ahead.
  • Arrange for someone to pick up the key during office hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (closed noon-1:00 p.m. for lunch).
  • Arrange for posting of fliers, signs, or notices and bring your own supplies for doing this. We can provide the stands (for 11 x 17 signs), but that is all. Scotch tape should not be used on doors or walls.

Commonly Requested Equipment

Speakers commonly require the following equipment, which the Stanford Humanities Center does not provide. If you need any of the equipment, please contact Events and Labor Services.
  • Remote for advancing digital slide presentations
  • Overhead (transparency) projector
  • Slide projector

Important Numbers

The heating and air conditioning go off at night and on weekends. Push the green button to the left of the large table in the lobby to actuate the system. This runs the system for four hours, at which point the button has to be pushed again if further operation is required.

In case of an emergency, use the phone in the lobby to call one of the following:

Police/Fire/Medical Emergencies: 9-911
Buildings & Grounds Maintenance - Rapid Response: 3-2281

Post-Event Checklist

Please use this list to assist you with the "things to do" when your event is over and before you return the key.
  • Leave all tables and chairs the way you found them.
  • Stack chairs (if used) in Levinthal Hall by the piano, not by the fire door, per the Fire Marshall's instructions.
  • Remove all leftover food and drink before leaving (no food can be left overnight.)
  • Supervise the removal of catering equipment. You may not wait until the following day to do this.
  • Supervise the removal of AV equipment (if used). You may not wait until the following day to do this.
  • Put all trash in wastebaskets (put overflow in the dumpster outside by the parking lot) and remove all meeting materials if any are left. Bring any found items to the front desk and notify the owner to pick the item(s) up there.
  • Building security is extremely important. You must be certain all windows are secured and all doors are locked before leaving.
  • Please report any equipment or building malfunction to the Office Coordinator, Rachel Knowles, at 650.724.0113
  • Return the key the following business day during office hours.