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Annual Giving Opportunities at the Graduate School of Education

6 Good Reasons to Support the Education Fund and help us reach 100 new gifts by August 31st!

  • Your gift will be put to immediate use in academic year 2015-2016 to support need-based financial aid, innovative approaches to teaching, and a strong pipeline of research-to-practice collaborations with school districts across the country.
  • Tuition covers less than two-thirds of the cost of a Stanford education. Students are counting on us—just as we counted on alumni before us—to help close the gap.
  • Did you know that a gift of $50 to the Education Fund has the same impact on the school's budget as an endowed gift of $1,000? That's a fresh and inspiring way to think about the difference every gift makes!
  • In addition to supporting graduate student financial aid, the Education Fund is used to make strategic, high-leverage investments in new opportunities that strengthen the school and further expand the impact of the GSE's work, work that couldn't be more relevant than it is today. One example of this type of opportunity is a collaboration between GSE PhD students and teacher candidates in STEP that connects pre-service teachers with cutting-edge research, and doctoral students with front-line classroom experience.
  • Your gift sends a vote of confidence in your commitment that education holds the key to solving society's greatest challenges.
  • Every gifts counts, regardless of size! Remember: the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Thank you GSE alumni and friends for supporting the GSE's 2015 Education Fund!  As of our fiscal year end, August 31, we have set a new record for the month of August with 152 new gifts!

Graduate School of Education Annual Fund: The Education Fund

The Graduate School of Education receives only part of its operating budget from the university, so annual giving is a crucial source of unrestricted funding. These flexible dollars allow the school to allocate financial resources where the need is greatest from year to year. For example, the Graduate School of Education Annual Fund supports internships for future education leaders and financial aid funding.Collectively, we can make a difference! Every gift, regardless of size, tells us that you support the school, our students, our faculty, and the work done here every day to improve education.

Increasing Access to Graduate Financial Aid

Jessie Gerson-Nieder

During the 2012 Summer Challenge, over one hundred Graduate School of Education alumni made gifts to the Education Fund to help increase access to graduate student financial aid!

However, the need is still great and this year we are hoping to reach 100 new gifts again before the end of our campaign year on August 31st. Please make a decision to support the Graduate School of Education today, so that we can continue to strengthen the school's ability to attract and train the next generation of leaders. Every gift you make helps us increase our support of Master’s Students for whom financial aid is otherwise scarce.

"If my gift could allow more educators to come and to learn and examine the broader context that informs our work, and then bring that experience back to their schools and communities, I think that would be an amazing investment. "
Jessie Gerson-Nieder, MA '12

Rudy Rubio and Diana Lopez "Financial aid has made a huge impact on International Comparative Education students because it allows them to do research, to collect data, to meet teachers and parents, and to connect with the incomparable faculty here at the Graduate School of Education." Rudy Rubio, BA '08, MA '09

"Graduate student aid is really important in drawing the best students to the Graduate School of Education, making sure they can concentrate on their studies while they are here, and ensuring they can enter careers where they can have the greatest impact."  Diana Delatour Lopez, MA '08
Jessie Arora and Jason Weeby

"This is the best time to be investing in education. This is the best time to have our giving reflect our values as a society." Jessie Arora, MA '08

"Nobody goes into education to become a millionaire.  People go into education because they care about making the lives of teachers and students better. Having student aid helps us attract the most talented people in the country to help solve some of the most intractable social issues that we're confronting today."  Jason Weeby, MA '07

Faculty Favorites from Associate Dean Eamonn Callan

Prof. Eamonn Callan December 2012

Devotees of NPR know the moment well. You have just settled into the driver’s seat, and though you are barely awake yet, the prospect of listening to the news told elegantly and wittily already lifts your spirits as you reach for the radio dial. Disaster. It’s a pledge break. Fortunately, I don’t have to ruin your whole day by endlessly reminding you of the Education Fund and its role in helping our beloved school keep to its mission. Our students rely on our generosity in sustaining the Fund. It’s good to keep that in mind as we enter the season of giving.

A nice thing about supporting public radio is that you get a gift in response to your generosity. My favorite gifts are almost always books. Perhaps a good second best is a recommendation to read something you have not heard about. The great Irish poet Seamus Heaney’s most recent book, Human Chain, attests to his uncanny ability to evoke the deepest emotions through the plainest language and has quickly come to be regarded as among his very best. The audience for poetry has almost vanished. Wonderful poetry that is not in the least esoteric continues to be written but remains largely unread. Give yourself a wonderful gift. Read Human Chain or the other titles suggested by my colleagues:

2012 Faculty Favorites:

Eamonn Callan
Human Chain: Poems, Seamus Heaney
Ransom, David Malouf

Ari Kelman
The Recording Angel, Evan Eisenberg

Claude Steele
Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson

Deborah Stipek
Anything by Isabel Allende

Jennifer Wolf
The Fault in Our Stars, John Green
Marcelo in the Real World, Francisco X. Stork

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