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Giving Programs

Young Alumni and the Stanford Fund

What did you get from your time at Stanford? A mentor? A new way of looking at the world? A partner? The chance to study overseas? A best friend? A chance to help others? A job? If you graduated from Stanford within the past 10 years, chances are The Stanford Fund gave you something that matters. It's never too soon to think about giving back.

You Don't Have to Wait

You can make a difference with your own philanthropy right now. You don’t have to wait until you've reached the height of your career, or made a lot of money, or even finished graduate school.

Gifts of all sizes add up. Last year, gifts from young alumni added up to more than $500,000. Put another way, that’s about eight scholarships, nine research grants, and three student groups.

And the value of your gift is even greater than its dollar amount. Giving every year helps send a message that the newest generation of alumni understands the role of philanthropy in their own education. That you are a part of the Stanford community and feel invested in the university's future.

You Can Be a Leader

The Stanford Fund offers special recognition to leadership donors of all ages, with giving levels that scale along with the number of years from graduation.

Level Gift Amount Years Since Graduation
President's Fund $1,000 or more 0 to 4
  $5,000 or more 5 to 9
  $10,000 or more 10 or more
Leadership Circle $100 to $999 0 to 4
  $500 to $4,999 5 to 9
  $1,000 to $9,999 10 or more

Young alumni who give at these levels receive the same recognition and thanks as their older counterparts. In addition to setting an example for your classmates, leadership giving can provide opportunities to network with leaders from other classes and take a more active role in Stanford's philanthropic community.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Stanford Young Alumni Development Committee is a group of dedicated volunteers who work with the Office of Development to communicate the impact of annual gifts to The Stanford Fund, ask classmates for gifts, and thank those who have given. To volunteer for the Young Alumni Development Committee or learn more about young alumni giving, please contact Felicity Meu, Director of Young Alumni and Student Development, 650.724.5446.

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