Mass Shootings in America

Over the past few years, mass shootings in the United States have shaped national debates such as gun laws debates, law enforcement, school safety, and mental health debates. The Stanford Geospatial Center (SGC) contributes to these debates by providing additional research that can lead to a better understanding of mass shootings in the United States.

The center's Mass Shootings in America project has produced a spatial database that houses records of mass shooting incidents in the United States over a span of five decades. In hopes of further contributing to the study of mass shooting phenomena, we also present the data in cartographic and graphical form.

Please note that the names of all shooters have been removed from the maps and graphics; however, all pertinent information about the shooters, including name, age, sex and ethnicity is included in the original database, available by request. We will continue to build out these pages with state and federal regulatory information related to firearms, adding to the database to make it more complete.

The data, maps, and graphics are free and may be embedded on any website with proper attribution. Please contact us if you would like access to the database or have suggestions.

A new perspective on a national issue


Interactive map

This interactive map shows the latest incidents in the US for the past few decades. Symbol size and color is displayed by the number of fatalities on each incident. Click on a symbol to find more information about the incident.



Interactive charts

New ways of looking at the data such as timelines, scatterplots or network graphs help understand and visualize relationships and patterns.



Request dataset

The data has been collected using many different sources and is factual to the best of our knowledge from media sources. If you would like access to the complete dataset, contact us. We will also consider adding other information or events brought to our attention.