Revs Program

The Revs Program was founded to inspire a new interdisciplinary field connecting the past, present, and future of the automobile. The Revs Program fosters an intellectual community bridging the humanities and fine arts, social sciences, design, science and engineering, and the professions.

The automobile is at the core of understanding the 20th and 21st centuries, and the Revs Program at Stanford is inspired by the opportunity to become the world’s leading center to facilitate this understanding. The program focuses on the human experiences of designing, making, restoring, driving, living with, admiring, and dreaming of the automobile--as well as the automobile itself as machine, work of art, and cultural symbol.

To realize this vision, The Revs Program will:

  • Stimulate research within and across disciplines
  • Provide teaching and learning opportunities across the curriculum and beyond the university
  • Create a highly-accessible knowledge repository that captures information on specific automobiles (and automobiles in general) with exacting attention to detail and thorough documentation
  • Forge a vibrant, worldwide discussion among scholars, students, collectors, and enthusiasts

The Revs Program is inspired by the vision of Miles Collier, Revs Institute founder, business executive, artist, and philanthropist. Mr. Collier also provided a generous founding gift.