Travel and accommodation is at your own expense, or the expense of your institution. Below we've provided some guidance on air travel, lodging and transportation.  Please don't hesitate to email us for additional logistical support. 


There are many hotels in close proximity to campus. A review of some of them can be found on the Hydra Wiki.

Increasingly, visitors to Stanford are finding affordable lodging on AirBnB

Air Travel

There are three airports in reasonable proximity to Stanford:

Stanford can provide access through its Orbitz for Business portal for attendees.  This may provide some savings in air fare and accommodation but this cannot be guaranteed. If you are interested in accessing the portal please contact mgolson@stanford.edu.

Meeting Venue

The meeting will be held on the Stanford Campus. The main sessions will take place in the newly refurbished Lathrop Library, on the first floor in room 180 and on the fourth floor in room 470 from 9am - 5pm.

Please bring a print-out of your EventBrite ticket or ID and look for the signs for our event.  Stanford staff will be waiting at the portals to greet you and show you to the room.

Side view of Lathrop Library, Stanford University


Information about transportation to Stanford can be found at http://transportation.stanford.edu. Some important and helpful transportation links include:

  • CalTrain - local commuter rail between San Francisco and San Jose.
  • Marguerite Shuttle - Stanford's free public shuttle service, which travels around campus and connects to nearby transit, shopping, dining, and entertainment.


Parking on campus can be a bit of an adventure.  If you plan to drive a car on campus, we recommend parking at the Stanford Visitor's Center or underground Parking Structure 7.  At both of these parking areas there are pay-by-space kiosks that allow you to pay $12 for all day parking.  The Visitor Center is an 8 minute walk from Lathrop and Parking Structure 7 is about 10 minutes.