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Interlibrary Lending

"Interlibrary lending" (ILL) pertains to materials that Stanford Libraries loans to other libraries and institutions. We cannot supply materials directly to individuals; a library must serve as an intermediary (except for UC Berkeley and UT Austin patrons through the RLCP program). To request an item, contact the interlibrary borrowing services of your local academic, public, company, or other library.

Materials available

Items available through Interlibrary Lending:

  • Periodicals and newspapers on microfilm
  • Special Collections and University Archives materials (with approval of the lending library), except:
    • University Archives
    • Pre-1850 Special Collections
    • Barchas, Frecot, and Gunst collections, and Dell paperbacks
    • Manuscripts
  • Dissertations, in accordance with the following policies:
    • Dissertations written before 1953:
      • Available through Interlibrary Lending to libraries in the US and Canada
    • Dissertations written between 1953 and August 2009:
      • Available through Interlibrary Lending to University of California libraries and SHARES members
      • Generally available for purchase to all libraries through Dissertation Express
      • Available through Interlibrary Lending to other libraries in the US and Canada only if embargoed and unavailable for purchase via Dissertation Express
    • Dissertations written September 2009 or later:
      • Do not circulate if embargoed by the author
      • If not embargoed, are accessible online via SearchWorks for requesting libraries

Items not available through Interlibrary Lending:

All requested materials are subject to copyright considerations and to the approval of the holding Stanford Library.