Mughal artwork of religious scholars engaging in discussion / Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

Stanford scholar casts new light on Hindu-Muslim relations

Stanford religious historian Audrey Truschke uncovers a surprising cultural alliance between Muslim and Hindu elites in early Sanskrit texts. Her findings could help ease current tensions between the two groups.

Magnifying glass over text of the Magna Carta/Photo illustration by L.A. Cicero

Stanford scholar discovers previously unknown Magna Carta scribe

Manuscript expert Elaine Treharne shows  that one of the world's most famous documents was written not by the king's scribes, but by a cathedral scribe outside the central court.

Nathan Rosenberg portrait /Photo: Chuck Painter

Nathan Rosenberg, Stanford professor and expert on the economic history of technology, dead at 87

Nathan Rosenberg, the Fairleigh S. Dickinson Jr. Professor of Public Policy, Emeritus, in Stanford's Department of Economics, died Aug. 24 at the Vi at Palo Alto, at the age of 87.

Immanuel Kant

Stanford philosopher strengthens Kant's connection to natural science and Newton

Research by philosophy Professor Michael Friedman reveals how a lesser-known Kantian text serves as an important bridge between Kant's concepts of metaphysics and natural science, as well as between defining periods in Kant's development.

Detail of a miniature of Christine de Pizan in her study / The British Library

Stanford historian says falsified medieval history helped create feminism

Through research into the first historians of medieval Europe, Professor Paula Findlen discovers that an interest in women's history began much earlier than is assumed.

display of the three books in the summer reading program / L.A. Cicero

Resilience is the theme of Stanford's summer reading program for incoming students

Members of the Class of 2019 are reading books selected by President John Hennessy. The Three Books program serves as an intellectual springboard for freshmen and transfer students.

mixed gender symbols

Stanford sociologist urges rethinking of sex and gender in surveys

New research reveals that most social surveys are not measuring what surveyors think is being measured when it comes to sex and gender.

Swinging pendulum

Stanford research shows how to improve students' critical thinking about scientific evidence

Physicists at Stanford and the University of British Columbia have found that encouraging students to repeatedly make decisions about data collected during introductory lab courses improves their critical thinking skills.

conservator cleaning a Rodin sculpture / Kurt Hickman

Stanford conservators work to preserve Rodin Sculpture Garden

To fend off corrosion from dust, UV light radiation and acid rain, conservators wash and wax the sculptures to preserve their patina.  

skeleton removal at Catalhoyuk Research Project / Jason Quinlan

Stanford scholar digs deep into human history at Neolithic site

Stanford archaeologist Ian Hodder is unraveling the origins of the human story at the 9,000-year-old Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in central Turkey.

Robert Conquest

Stanford historian Robert Conquest, expert on Soviet Union, dies at 98

A Renaissance-style thinker, Robert Conquest was a prolific Soviet historian who became the conscience of an era in the war of ideas between communism and Western democracy. As a poet, his work was considered among the most influential in British literary circles.

Chinese and Japanese flags

Stanford scholar illuminates history of disputed China Sea islands

Friction between China and Japan over sovereignty for the resource-rich Diaoyu Islands has escalated in recent years. Research by Stanford graduate student Xiang Zhai reveals new details about the dispute that might help resolve it.

Statue of ancient philosopher holding a scroll. / Photo: Shutterstock

After 20 years, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy thrives on the web

The Stanford scholars who founded the groundbreaking online encyclopedia say that the project owes its success to the unique way it organizes its community of contributors, editors and users.

Woman playing with child

Stanford students create apps to tackle learning challenges

Students in the Learning, Design, and Technology program at the Graduate School of Education analyze learning problems and then design solutions in yearlong master's projects.  

St. Lawrence String Quartet

The art of music: String quartet captivates visitors to the Anderson Collection

As part of an effort to engage visitors in fresh and unique gallery experiences, the Anderson Collection at Stanford University treated museum visitors to a special performance by the St. Lawrence String Quartet.