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Boy holding a 'help' sign surrounded by many other refugees. / Photo: Alexandre Rotenberg, Shutterstock

Legal, ethical response needed from US, Europe on Mideast refugee crisis, Stanford expert says

Stanford law Professor James Cavallaro said Europe should follow established international law on Middle East refugees and create new approaches that respond to the crisis in a humanitarian way.

audience of congressional staffers attending 2015 Cyber Boot Camp / Rod Searcey

Cybersecurity boot camp draws congressional staffers to Stanford

A bipartisan group of Capitol Hill staffers were in Silicon Valley last week to gain an immersion into the complex world of cybersecurity. The range of experts they heard from included tech industry leaders, scholars representing a range of disciplines and former government officials.

Stanford-India Biodesign fellows Debayan Saha, Shashi Ranjan and Harsh Sheth / Kurt Hickman

Biomedical innovation takes off in India, with Stanford roots

A program that blends India's frugal mindset with Stanford's entrepreneurial atmosphere has generated low-cost solutions to high-tech medical needs.

map with Afghanistan under the magnifying glass / Shutterstock/BelkaG

Russian policy toward Afghanistan unsettled and precarious, Stanford scholar says

Stanford political scientist Kathryn Stoner says that Russia does not want U.S. military forces to stay in Afghanistan, but also does not want their withdrawal to leave behind chaos and an extremist Muslim threat.

Chinese and U.S. currency

China's currency responding more closely to market forces, Stanford scholars say

Stanford experts say that China devalued its currency to help spur exports, growth and employment. It wants its currency to become a pre-eminent one in the global economy.

skeleton removal at Catalhoyuk Research Project / Jason Quinlan

Stanford scholar digs deep into human history at Neolithic site

Stanford archaeologist Ian Hodder is unraveling the origins of the human story at the 9,000-year-old Neolithic site of Çatalhöyük in central Turkey.

Chinese and Japanese flags

Stanford scholar illuminates history of disputed China Sea islands

Friction between China and Japan over sovereignty for the resource-rich Diaoyu Islands has escalated in recent years. Research by Stanford graduate student Xiang Zhai reveals new details about the dispute that might help resolve it.

Cecil the lion / Andy Loveridge

New U.S. policies can discourage trophy hunting, Stanford expert says

Stanford legal scholar David J. Hayes says that the American government and policymakers can take measures to help reduce sport hunting of endangered wildlife populations around the world.

Chinese and US flags

Stanford historian analyzes the history of America's preoccupation with China

Through an investigation of political, cultural and ideological history, Stanford historian Gordon H. Chang traces America's fascination with China, one characterized by both condemnation and admiration, in a new book.

Stanford Chemistry Professor W.E. Moerner

Megacities must address climate change, Stanford Nobel laureate says

Stanford chemist W.E. Moerner suggests that the world's largest cities should take steps to reduce the impacts of global warming.