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The Strategic Project Management Office: Projects to Enterprise (XAPM211)

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The Strategic Project Management Office: Projects to Enterprise

Course Description

Learn to define, implement, and manage the ideal project management support function for your organization. Using innovative decision matrices, explore how to best implement a Strategic Project Management Office (SPMO) by design, not default, focusing on: critical success factors, staffing, SPMO activities, and the organizational infrastructure for the SPMO

Learn How To:

  • Answer why an SPMO may be needed for complex programs and projects
  • Determine the best SPMO design and how to implement it, given your desired outcomes, demands, and needs
  • Assess the political environment, identify forces that support (or thwart) an effective SPMO, and learn how to navigate them successfully
  • Leverage your SPMO practice for greater impact on the organization and its strategy
  • Address real-world challenges in running a SPMO and apply practices learned during a simulation

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