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For press releases from 2011, please visit the SLAC News Center


12/02/2010 Strange Discovery: Bacteria Built with Arsenic
11/04/2010 X-Rays Offer First Detailed Look at Hotspots for Calcium-related Disease
08/16/2010 Energy Secretary Dedicates World's Most Powerful X-ray Laser
07/09/2010 Jonathan Dorfan, SLAC Professor and Director Emeritus, to Lead New Graduate University in Japan
06/30/2010 First Results from the LCLS: Unpeeling Atoms and Molecules from the Inside Out
05/10/2010 X-Rays Reveal Chemical Link Between Birds and Dinosaurs
05/05/2010 First X-ray Laser's Early Success Brings Approval for Next-phase Facility
04/28/2010 SLAC Scientists Elected to National Academy of Sciences
04/26/2010 Fuel Cells Get Up to Speed with a New Kind of Platinum
03/15/2010 Seeking Dark Matter on a Desktop
03/01/2010 Astronomically Large Lenses Measure the Age and Size of the Universe
02/17/2010 Extreme Jets Take New Shape


12/17/2009 SLAC/Stanford’s Zhi-Xun Shen Receives 2009 E.O. Lawrence Award
11/02/2009 Science Begins at the World's Most Powerful X-ray Laser
11/02/2009 High-Precision Measurements Confirm Cosmologists’ Standard View of Universe
08/11/2009 SLAC Researchers Reveal the Dance of Water
08/10/2009 First Black Holes Born Starving
08/07/2009 SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory to Receive Additional $21.8M in Recovery Act Funding for New Research Instruments
07/09/2009 Simulations Illuminate First Twin Stars
06/29/2009 New Science, New Funding, New Jobs: SLAC is Hiring
06/15/2009 New Exotic Material Could Revolutionize Electronics
05/29/2009 Theorists Reveal Path to True Muonium
04/21/2009 New Era of Research Begins as World's First Hard X-ray Laser Achieves "First Light"
03/23/2009 SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory to Receive $68.3 Million in Recovery Act Funding
02/19/2009 Most Extreme Gamma-Ray Blast Ever, Seen by Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope
01/28/2009 Sub-atomic-scale Writing Using a Quantum Hologram Sets New Size Record


12/11/2008 Darwin's Dinobird Fossil Analyzed at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
10/16/2008 First Gamma-ray-only Pulsar Observation Opens New Window on Stellar Evolution
10/15/2008 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center renamed SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
8/26/2008 GLAST Observatory Renamed for Fermi, Reveals Entire Gamma-Ray Sky
7/09/2008 Physicists Discover New Particle: The Bottom-most "Bottomonium"
7/02/2008 GLAST Spacecraft Powered Up and Sending Data
06/30/2008 More Evidence for a Revolutionary Theory of Water
05/20/2008 New "Particle Detector" Space Telescope to Launch
02/13/2008 SLAC Director Emeritus Awarded the 2007 AAAS Philip Hauge Abelson Prize
01/22/2008 William Madia Appointed Vice President for SLAC


12/06/2007 Persis S. Drell Named Fourth Director of the U.S. Department of Energy's Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
11/20/2007 Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology Announces New Deputy Director
09/25/2007 Wolfgang Panofsky, Renowned Stanford Physicist and Arms Control Advocate, Dead at 88
09/10/2007 Drell Appointed Acting Director as Dorfan Accepts New University Position
07/05/2007 SLAC Announces New Director and Deputy Director of Particle and Particle Astrophysics
05/11/2007 Carbon Joins the Magnetic Club
04/18/2007 Carpenter Michael Hughes Receives Presidential Award Honoring Thousands of Hours Devoted to Volunteer Community Service
03/27/2007 Stanford–Caltech Collaboration Creates New X-ray "Molecular Observatory"
03/13/2007 New Form of Matter-antimatter Transformation Observed for the First Time
03/12/2007 Dorfan to Step Down as SLAC Director After Nearly 8 Years
02/14/2007 New Accelerator Technique Doubles Particle Energy in Just One Meter
02/14/2007 Scientists Elucidate the Origin of the Darkest Galaxies in the Universe
02/02/2007 To the Edge of Melting: X-Rays Catch Ultrafast Changes in a Solid


12/05/2006 SSRL Research Helps Uncover the Secrets of an Age-Old Killer
11/13/2006 SLAC Researchers Help Demonstrate Potential of FEL Imaging
10/20/2006 Ground Breaking New Science at SLAC
10/04/2006 Stanford University's Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory at SLAC Contributes to 2006 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
09/28/2006 New Form of CP Violation Discovered
08/21/2006 Dark Matter Observed
08/2/2006 Modern Technology Reveals Ancient Science
07/21/2006 SLAC Joins ATLAS Collaboration
06/22/2006 Physicists Size Up the 'Unitarity Triangle'
05/17/2006 Space Telescope Leaves SLAC for Washington D.C.
04/24/2006 Researchers Find Black Holes to be Green
03/13/2006 Fred Kavli Building dedicated at SLAC


12/06/2005 High Energy Physics Team Captures Network Prize at SC|05
10/18/2005 New Deputy Directors Appointed at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
10/17/2005 First Director Appointed for New Stanford Ultrafast Science Center
09/27/2005 Stöhr to Direct Synchrotron Radiation Lab
09/27/2005 Terror of the Tudor Seas Suffers from Sulfur
07/01/2005 BaBar Finds New Massive Particle
06/28/2005 SLAC Experiment Makes First Observations of Key Traits in Weak Force
05/25/2005 Stanford Linear Accelerator Center Reorganizes to Position itself for Major Discoveries
05/18/2005 Archimedes Manuscript Yields Secrets under X-ray Gaze
05/03/2005 Nuclear Arms Adviser Sidney Drell to Receive Heinz Public Policy Award
05/02/2005 Five Scholars Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
04/19/2005 SLAC B-Factory Resumes Operations
04/19/2005 Ultra-fast X-ray Pulses Reveal How a Solid Melts into a Liquid
02/10/2005 'Quantum Diaries' Reveal the Secret Lives of Modern Physicists
02/09/2005 New Stanford Faculty
01/18/2005 First X-ray Laser Gets Funding
01/11/2005 New Lensless Imaging Technique Opens Door to Nanoscale World


09/02/2004 SLAC Will Continue to Play a Major Role in Designing the International Linear Collider, Lab Director Says
08/13/2004 The Cosmic Revolution: Task Force Outlines Role of Particle Physics in a New Universe
08/02/2004 Physicists Discover Dramatic Difference in Behavior of Matter versus Antimatter
07/21/2004 SLAC Experiment Triples Data Production for Study of Matter and Antimatter
04/22/2004 Scientists Post a Lower Speed Limit for Magnetic Switching
04/02/2004 Favorite Liquid Revisited
01/30/2004 Dazzling new light source opens at Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory


08/12/2003 World's Particle Physics Laboratories Join To Create New Communication Resource
04/28/2003 SLAC Experiment Identifies New Subatomic Particle
02/07/2003 SLAC Scientists Help Set Data Transfer Speed Record
01/15/2003 Stanford to Receive $7.5 Million Gift for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology Institute


11/04/2002 German and U.S. Laboratories to Collaborate on the Development of X-ray Free Electron Lasers
10/07/2002 World Physics Community Gathers for 40th Anniversary of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
09/26/2002 Synchrotron Lab Director Hodgson Wins E. O. Lawrence Award
08/14/2002 Scientists Use Alfalfa Plants to Harvest Nanoparticles of Gold
07/23/2002 From Theory to Certainty: BaBar Announces New Result on Charge Parity Violation
04/12/2002 World's Largest Database Reaches 500,000 Gigabytes
03/01/2002 A New Step Toward Worldwide Collaboration on Linear Colliders


07/26/2001 Physicists Find a New, Striking Difference Between Matter and Antimatter
07/05/2001 Professor Gregory Loew Appointed Deputy Director of SLAC
05/02/2001 National Academy of Sciences Elects Dr. Prescott as Member (PDF)
04/10/2001 American Library Association Honors Louise Addis as First Library Webmaster in U.S.
03/06/2001 BroadVision CEO and His Wife to Donate $15 million to Fund Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology Institute
02/12/2001 Physicists Publish First Results From the B Factory at Stanford
01/24/2001 Menlo Park Honors Stanford Linear Accelerator Center for Near-Zero Emissions


11/09/2000 SLAC's B Factory Achieves Design Goal
11/09/2000 President Clinton Names Enrico Fermi Award Winners: Stanford's Sidney Drell Honored
10/17/2000 SLAC wins Department of Energy award for project management
06/06/2000 Violent Acceleration and the Event Horizon
02/28/2000 NASA Award to Stanford University for Major Astrophysics Project


07/02/1999 NIH AND DOE to Upgrade Synchrotron X-Ray Research Facilities in California and New York
06/22/1999 SLAC Physicist Named 1999 MacArthur Fellow (PDF)
05/28/1999 Physicists Observe First Events at Asymmetric B Factory (PDF)
03/02/1999 ARGOS Mission Seeks New Information about Black Holes and Neutron Stars


02/22/1998 B Factory Leader Dorfan Named Third Director of SLAC (PDF)
12/22/1998 U.S. Department of Energy Signs New Contract with Stanford University
11/23/1998 Burton Richter to Step Down as SLAC Director (PDF)
10/26/1998 Energy Secretary Bill Richardson Dedicates New Research Facility at Stanford
07/30/1998 B Factory Achieves First Collisions
07/24/1998 The X-ray Laser May Soon Become a Reality


12/09/1997 Dr. Lev Okun Honored by the Open Society Institute
09/25/1997 Arthur Bienenstock Named Associate Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy

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