Below are estimated time commitments for professional education courses and programs. The actual time required to complete a professional course or program may vary depending on your familiarity with the topic, time away from the classroom, or experience with online learning.

Professional Courses

  • Courses range from 1 to 20 hours in length
  • The time commitment consists of videos, readings, exercises, written answers, and an online exam for online courses
  • The time commitment for courses at Stanford consists of lecture, class projects, and readings
  • Readings vary by course and may increase or decrease the time commitment depending on your speed of review
  • Some courses within the Stanford Advanced Project Management and the Strategic Decision and Risk Management certificates qualify for continuing education units (CEU), which translate to 10 hours of actual work per CEU

Professional Certificates

  • Most certificates can be earned within 6 months to 2 years
  • With self-paced online courses, you may complete a certificate on an accelerated timeline

Estimated time commitment for courses in each certificate program:

Professional CertificateTime Commitment
Stanford Advanced Computer Security6-13 hours/online course
Stanford Advanced Project Management20 hours/online course or
2.5 days /course at Stanford
Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies3-4 hours/online course
Stanford – IATA Aviation Management20 hours/ eBook or online course
Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship8 hours/online course
Strategic Decision and Risk Management20 hours/online course or
2.5 days /course at Stanford



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