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Billing / Payment

  • Do you offer scholarships or discounts?

    Stanford University and the Stanford Center for Professional Development do not currently offer scholarships for Graduate and Professional Certificate programs.  Masters degree students may contact the Stanford University Financial Aid office for more information.  If you are employed at a member company, you may qualify for tuition reimbursement from your company or the membership discount rate if you are a Non-degree option student. Professional Education on-campus courses are available at a discounted rate if you apply before the early registration deadlines.

  • How can I get my refund once I drop the course by the deadline?

    If you paid by credit card:
    Once your drop request is received and processed, your credit card account will be refunded in full, please allow approximately 3-5 working days for this to show up on your account. If no refund transaction appeared on your bank statement after this time, please submit your email to or call the SCPD Student and Client Services office at 650-204-3984 and they will be able to provide you with the status of your refund.

    If you paid by Check or Wire Transfer:
    You will be refunded by check.  It will take approximately 2-3 weeks before you can get your refund check. Your refund will be mailed directly to your preferred home address. Please make sure to inform SCPD Student and Client Services if there is any change of address. Also, please make sure your profile in mystanfordconnection is up to date. If you don't receive your refund after this time, please contact our SCPD Student and Client Services team at 650.204.3984.

  • What is my company's tuition reimbursement policy?

    Company tuition reimbursement policies and resources are defined by the organization at which you are employed. Contact your company's human resources department, speak with your training manager, or check your company's benefits site to determine your tuition reimbursement policy.  If you are employed at a member company, our Partner Relations manager can refer you to the company coordinator within your organization. Please email to request your coordinator's information.

  • Will my company reimburse me for professional education courses if they only pay for degree-track courses?

    Reimbursement varies from company to company. You should check with your organization's human resources department or your manager to confirm your Employer’s policy.

  • Do you offer group pricing for professional development courses?

    Group pricing for professional development courses is available and can be arranged by calling our SCPD Student and Client Services team at 650.204.3984.  We do offer a group tuition discount pricing when a Group of 5 or more enrolls in the same course at the same time.

  • Can I arrange to split payment for a course?

    Yes, please call the SCPD Student and Client Services office at 650-204-3984.

  • How much does it cost to complete a Professional Education certificate?

    Total cost is determined by a number of variables, such as the delivery format you choose (online, at your work site, or at Stanford University), the number of courses you choose to complete, whether you are employed at a member company, and whether you enroll for courses before the early registration deadline.  For on campus courses, applying before the early registration deadline will reduce the cost of tuition.

  • How are fees calculated?

    Tuition is calculated by units earned and method of study (audit, academic credit, Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or degree-track students). Visit our Tuitions & Fees page for detailed information.

  • Do you support "intent to pay" letter from my company for tuition?

    No. You or your organization must pay your tuition at the beginning of the quarter. Stanford University requires that we collect tuition funds before classes begin.

  • What is the Document fee?

    A one-time document fee of $100 is applied to students enrolled in the Non Degree Option (NDO).  This fee covers life-time access to your transcripts, which can be requested at any time, on an as-needed basis.  To request a transcript:  A one-time $75 fee is assessed for your first enrollment in a course contributing to select professional certificate programs.  This fee covers life-time access to your record of completion (certified PDF), which can be requested at any time, on an as needed basis.

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Applications / Enrollment

  • How do I register for courses?

    Enroll for courses online through mystanfordconnection.  For more information, please click on Apply and Enroll.

  • How do I apply for individual graduate courses?

    A first-time student would submit all transcripts from all universities attended (undergraduate and graduate) along with completion of the NDO application.  The first time you submit an enrollment application, send in official transcripts to ensure that you have the appropriate background.  For details of key academic and enrollment dates, please refer to the Academic Calendar

  • Where do I send my official transcripts to take individual graduate courses for credit?

    Please have each of your prior institutions (undergraduate and graduate) send your official transcripts via email to or alternatively via mail to:

    Student and Client Services
    Stanford Center for Professional Development
    496 Lomita Mall, Durand Building 3rd Floor
    Room 303
    Stanford, CA 94305

  • I am not a U.S. citizen, do I need a visa to take courses?

    For individual graduate courses for credit, students who reside in the United States and who are not US citizens must have a current US visa to enroll in Stanford graduate courses. Required documentation includes: notice of action, US visa stamp page with date issued and date of expiration, and/or current visa document. Applicants to take courses under the Non Degree Option, please submit documentation via email to  International students not residing in the US are welcome to apply for courses and do not need to submit visa documentation.   For professional courses, no visa documentation is required.

  • How do I register in a professional education course?

    You may register for professional education courses online by enrolling via the course webpage. Some professional development programs do require an application in order to register.

Courses / Degrees / Certificates

  • What are my enrollment options?

    The Stanford Center for Professional Development allows professionals to take:

    • Individual professional courses
    • Individual graduate courses
    • Professional certificates
    • Graduate certificate programs
    • Master's degree on a part-time basis
  • What are the admissions requirements for taking individual graduates courses?

    Each application is reviewed and admission is granted for each course individually. A first-time student would submit all transcripts from all universities attended (undergraduate and graduate) along with completion of the NDO application.

  • How do I earn a graduate certificate?

    To earn a graduate certificate, determine which certificate you would like to earn which is indicated in the NDO application and complete the required coursework as stated on the Certificate webpage. Once you have completed and met the coursework requirements in a given area, you may apply for an earned certificate by completing the NDO Certificate Request Form

  • How do I earn a professional certificate?

    To earn a professional certificate, determine which certificate you would like to earn, submit the application if required within mystanfordconnection, enroll and complete the required courses in the certificate.

  • How do I apply for a Master's degree through the Stanford Center for Professional Development?

    To apply for the Master's degree (known as the Honor's Cooperative Program) at a distance and/or part-time basis, you will need to complete the regular graduate admissions process. Visit the graduate admissions webpage for more details.  Application deadlines vary by department.  In order to earn your master's degree, you are required to complete between 11 and 15 courses which must total 45 units.

  • May I apply units (credits) from a graduate course and/or graduate certificate program to a degree program?

    If applicable, you may apply up to 18 qualifying units earned from individual graduate level courses taken through the Non-Degree option program.  Check with your advisor once you are accepted into a degree program, to be sure that the courses you have completed are applicable to the particular degree you are pursuing. Professional Certificate courses cannot be transferred to academic courses or academic programs.

  • When do courses start?

    Start dates for courses depend on a number of variables. Online graduate courses follow the on campus academic quarterly calendar while professional courses can be taken anytime online.  A select number of professional courses are held on-campus a few times a year.

  • How do I view my courses online?

    Courses may be viewed in mystanfordconnection. Simply login and you will be able to view your courses under the Current Courses section.

Homework / Exams

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