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Edward L. Garwin, 1933 - 2008

SLAC Professor (Emeritus)

Ed Garwin 2002, photo by Diana Rogers

Professional and Biographical Information

  • Obituary prepared by Richard and Steven Garwin and Richard E. Taylor
  • Memorial Resolution: Edward Lee Garwin (1933-2008). Stanford Report, June 17, 2009
  • "Ed Garwin Passes Away" SLAC Today Friday, November 14, 2008
  • Polarized Sources Pioneer Prescott Retires (About C. Prescott retirement, mentions E. L. Garwin contributions) The Interaction Point, November 18, 2005.
  • Professor Garwin's SLAC Faculty page
  • Biographical Essay from the 2003 SLAC Employee Service Awards Program, in celebration of Professor Garwin's December 3, 2002 40th anniversary at SLAC:
    "After completing his degree at the University of Chicago and working in the tech industry in Southern California, Ed Garwin joined SLAC Research Division in late Fall 1962. Ed was heavily involved in the design of the Linac Beam Dump and consulted on various accelerator vacuum issues. Following completion of the Linac construction, Ed's newly-formed Physical Electronics group provided a variety of services and personnel toward the SPEAR storage ring project, including Ed's suggestion that SPEAR would make a fine light source for surface science investigations. Under Ed's leadership, PEL evolved into a surface science and materials analysis facility for SLAC and engaged in such exotic projects as ion sputter-microthinning of diamonds, coating of superconducting flux-concentrator tubes with niobium, and the first use of gallium arsenide as a polarized photoemission electron source for accelerators. Numerous other interesting projects, small and large, have passed through Ed’s group over the decades, always to be met with interest and ingenuity. Ed’s current interests are focused on high current (recently achieved), very-high polarization (sneaking up on it) gallium arsenide-type sources for the NLC, and the causes and remedies for high electric-field breakdown in accelerating structures." (SLAC Accession 2001-002)
  • Polarization Highlights [Talk given by Charles Prescott at the SLD Collaboration Meeting, St. Francis Yacht Club, October 5, 2001]
  • Professor Garwin's Curriculum Vitae (through 1990)(SLAC Accession 2002-020) and (through 1998)
  • SLAC Fractional Charge Search Group Team Page.
  • October 24, 1973 Letter, Sidney D. Drell, Acting Director of SLAC to Professor H. Seigmann, Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich in re: E.L. Garwin.
  • Author profile in inSPIRE

Events and Photos

  • For a list of description of photos of Professor Garwin (some with thumbnails) in the SLAC Archives and History Office collections, please go to our PhotoIndex database

Technical publications

Polarized Photocathode Research Collaboration (PPRC) Papers

For a more complete list of Professor Garwin's Technical Publications, please see the entries in inSPIRE.


Archival Materials

The Garwin Papers held by the SLAC Archives and History Office are currently being processed, and are not yet open for research. SLAC staff may access descriptions of the Garwin Papers held by the Archives by following this link.

Ed Garwin 1990 photo by Tom Nakashima (TC0177-6) Ed Garwin 1973, photo by Walter Zawojski (3589) Ed Garwin 1990 photo by Tom Nakashima (TC0177-5)

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