Annual Student Computing Services Surveys

Each year, Academic Computing Services conducts a survey of all undergraduate students. Since 2002-2003, the survey also includes graduate students. Prior to 2008-2009, the undergraduate survey questions were included in a larger annual residence evaluation survey in partnership with Residential Education. Academic Computing Services uses the data related to student use of technology to assist in strategic planning, for research, and to share with University and external colleagues.

Use the links below to view the results for a particular year:

2013-2014: UndergraduateGraduate

2012-2013: UndergraduateGraduate
2011-2012: UndergraduateGraduate
2010-2011: Undergraduate, Graduate
2009-2010: Undergraduate, Graduate
2008-2009: Undergraduate, Graduate
2007-2008: Undergraduate, Graduate
2006-2007: Undergraduate, Graduate
2005-2006: Undergraduate, Graduate
2004-2005: Undergraduate, Graduate
2003-2004: Undergraduate, Graduate
2002-2003: Undergraduate, Graduate
2001-2002: Undergraduate
2000-2001: Undergraduate


Undergraduate Device Ownership from the 2013-2014 Survey

Bar chart showing undergraduate device ownership