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The Accelerator Research Department A, headed by Prof. Ronald Ruth, is a part of the Technical Division at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center located in Stanford, CA

Mission Statement:

The primary expertise of the department is the design of particle accelerators.  This includes calculation of the transport of particle beams and their interaction with the vacuum environment, the design of rf structures for acceleration and the design of rf power sources.

The department has two primary missions, which are complementary:

  • To provide support to the Accelerator Department and PEP II for the performance improvements and design development of accelerators on-site.
  • To lay the theoretical and technical foundation for the next generation of particle accelerators.

From time to time, ARDA also brings its expertise to bear on the execution of special projects designed to advance the state of the art of accelerator physics; for example, the development of the Final Focus Test Beam and the construction of the International Linear Collider.







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