Important program deadlines

We know you want to make the most of your BeWell participation.
With new program components, a finite number of appointments on
the calendar and multi-week programs, we encourage you to login 
and schedule your remaining activities and appointments right away!

Dates to know

October 5

Deadline to register for BeWell Walkers:
BeWell Walkers is a 10-week program. To receive credit for participation, October 5 is the last day you may register. Please note that if you have your own pedometer, you can register until October 19.

October 15 (NEW)
Deadline for Screening & Advising appointments for participants planning to complete Part 4 of the Wellness Profile (Engagement)*:
This year, to receive the full financial incentive of $480, eligible participants must complete their Screening & Advising appointments (either on-site or off-site by private physician) by October 15.
This new program deadline allows participants enough time to complete all four parts of the Wellness Profile before the 2015 program deadline of November 30, 2015. These appointments are expected to book up weeks in advance, so avoid the rush by scheduling your appointment as soon as possible.

Please note that participants who complete the Screening & Advising after October 15 (but by Nov. 25) will be eligible for a $200 incentive upon completion of the plan.  

*Thisdeadline does not apply to spouses/registered domestic partners, employees who decline medical benefits offered by Stanford (including Kaiser, Blue Shield or Stanford Health Care Alliance), or employees not sharing their data.

October 15

Last BeWell workshop:
To receive credit for a stress reduction or nutrition workshop, choose a goal and track progress for three weeks. This is the last workshop that will be given for credit.

October 30

Deadline to fax in your health screening results from your doctor for participants in Parts 1-3 of the Wellness Profile:
This is for participants who are not completing Part 4 of the Wellness Profile (Engagement). After we receive your results and update your account, you need to register for an Advising appointment. Please schedule your appointment as soon as you receive an email stating that your account information has been updated.

If you obtain screening results from your doctor after the October 30 deadline, you may register for a full Screening and Advising appointment and bring a copy of your results to that appointment.

November 13

Wait list deadline:
If our Wellness Profile appointments fill up, we start a wait list. This is the last day to be added to the wait list for Wellness Profile appointments. We do our best to accommodate everyone who is on the wait list, but cannot guarantee an appointment.

November 25

Last day for Screening and Advising appointments:
This is the last day we will be offering Wellness Profile appointments. These appointments book up weeks in advance, so avoid the rush by scheduling your appointment as soon as possible.

November 30

End of the 2015 BeWell program:
This is the last day to complete your online plan (the final step in the Wellness Profile), workshop goals and any self-reported activities. It is also the last day to fax in validation forms from outside vendors.

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