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PhD Students

Photo Name Current Research Contact
Christa Anderson

Christa's research interests are in forest management and conservation in sub saharan Africa.
Ronan Arthur
Whitney Bagge

Whitney's research interests focus on the intersection of ecology and human health, investigating how human use and interaction with the environment affect human infection with emerging and re-emerging vector-borne and zoonotic diseases.
Elinor Benami

Elinor studies the factors which influence the adoption of environmentally-friendly land-use and energy technologies. Her work seeks to inform what policy interventions may help diffuse these technologies.
Laura Bloomfield

Laura studies how land-use changes facilitate interactions between people and wildlife affecting infectious disease emergence. She currently focuses on the spatial dispersion and transmission of zoonotic and vector-borne diseases along and between human and non-human primate networks.

Gregory Bratman

Greg is working to define and study “psychological ecosystem services” by examining the impact of nature experience on human cognitive function and mental health.
Cassandra Brooks

Cassandra studies marine protection in the Antarctic, trying to better understand ocean governance of our common pool resources on an international scale.
Nina Brooks

Nina’s research interests focus on environmental health problems in developing countries. She is interested in understanding adoption of environmental health interventions and designing and implementing rigorous impact evaluations of those interventions.
Jeremy Carl

Jeremy is studying the environmental, geopolitical, and economic aspects of energy development and policy, with a particular focus on China and India.
Joann de Zegher

Joann aims to better understand challenges to sustainable sourcing in global supply chains and to design operational solutions to them.

Y2E2 Suite 226
Rachel Constance Engstrand
Jenna Forsyth
Emily Grubert

Emily studies United States-based electricity fuel cycles, focusing on integrating knowledge about various environmental and social impacts of fuel extraction, use, and disposal to aid decisionmakers at a local level using life cycle assessment, textual analysis, and multicriteria decision analysis.

Y2E2 226
Michael Harris

Michael hopes to identify how ecosystem services and environmental health indicators are affected by sanitation infrastructure in development scenarios as a way to push the focus beyond that of household-level sanitation.
Robert Heilmayr

Robert combines approaches from geography, economics and ecology to identify the proximate causes and underlying drivers of forest expansion in Chile.
Miyuki Hino

Miyuki studies climate change risks and adaptation decisions, with a particular focus on the socioeconomic drivers of transformational adaptation.
Hajin Kim

Hajin's research focuses on international trade and the environment.
Anna Lee

Anna's research interests are in knowledge networks and information sharing in farming communities.
Staci Lewis

Staci is interested in the ecological and economic impacts of climate change on coral reef ecosystem services. She plans to examine the physiological mechanisms behind thermal resilience of coral colonies and to develop economic valuations of climate change resilience.
Andrea Lund
Justin S Mankin

Justin studies how climate change and climate variability affect people.
Casey Maue
Kelley Courtney McKanna
Frances Moore

Fran's research focuses on projecting the rate and effectiveness of autonomous adaptation by farmers in order to understand the impact of climate change on future agricultural production and food security.

Y2E2 226
Rebecca Niemiec Landscape scale conservation; social dimensions of invasive species management
L. Katrina ole-MoiYoi

At the heart of Katrina's work is a desire to improve long-term food security in developing countries through ecologically-sound policies in the fisheries sector.
Chikara Onda

Chikara studies the distributional and competitiveness impacts of climate and clean energy policies. In particular, he is interested in using econometric techniques as well as simulation using energy–economy models to study the impact of such policies on low-income households and on the creation of domestic clean energy industries.
Michael Ovadia

Michael studies the psychological and sociological issues underpinning the sharing economy. He employs a mixed methods approach of ethnography, field experiments, and large dataset analysis.

Sudatta Ray

Sudatta studies the impacts that different energy systems have on resources and food security. Her work aims to inform developing country policymakers in their decisions on providing access to energy.
Dan Reineman

My research examines the relationships between coastal resources and coastal societies in the context of resource management in a changing environment. I combine natural science, social science, and citizen science in order to advance the theory and practice of coastal management through engagement with coastal resource user communities.

Nikhil Sawe

Through functional MRI, neuroeconomics analyzes the financial decision-making process at the level of discrete brain structures, allowing insights into the way we think about and route information. Nik's research adapts neuroeconomics techniques to assess decision-making in environmental questions.
Samy Sekar

Samy is interested in working at the intersection of climate change, agriculture, and development. She hopes to study the barriers to simultaneously increasing agricultural production and improving agricultural sustainability and to identify the most successful strategies to breaking down those barriers.
Anne Siders

Siders studies the role of governance and institutional design in the integration of climate change adaptation and disaster risk mitigation in the coastal built environment. Her research is geographically diverse, including Europe, coastal megacities, the Arctic, and South East Asia. Her work focuses on providing information, tools, and processes that aid decision-makers in building international coastal resilience.
Andy Stock

Andy studies marine conservation ecology and the role of ecological theories and models in environmental policy. His work focuses on the California coast.

Aiga Stokenberga

Aiga's research combines concepts and methods from land use and transportation economics, urban sociology, and urban design in an effort to understand the environmental, social, and economic sustainability implications of urban planning interventions targeting low-income populations.
Aaron Strong

Aaron studies feedbacks of the carbon cycle to global change factors, and the policies for operationalizing biogeochemical ecosystem services (such as carbon sequestration and nitrogen cycling) in environmental management frameworks.

Y2E2 226
Shannon Swanson

Shannon studies artisanal fishing communities in small island nations in South East Asia and Oceania and how they are affected by tourism, marine protected areas, conflict, social learning networks, and governance structures. She is also interested in developing new qualitative methods of research using film and photography.
Tannis Thorlakson

Tannis is interested in farmer-firm interactions and the role of supply chain sourcing strategies on socio-economic and environmental outcomes in agriculture.
Jose Urteaga Augier

Jose's research interests center on the governance and sustainable management of marine natural resources in developing countries, particularly in Nicaragua.
Jennifer Wang

Jennifer's research interests address human behaviour change in the context of climate change, with the ultimate aim of shifting normative practices and paradigms within public policy, business, and individual behaviour to effectively account for the impacts and risks of climate change and environmental sustainability.
Philip Womble

Philip studies legal and water supply planning strategies that use water markets to help communities and ecosystems adapt to drought and climate change.