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Lifelong Learners

We are committed to providing opportunities and resources to support you in your ongoing quest for learning and discovery. Explore this collection of resources and rewards you may find valuable as a lifelong learner.

Benefits & Rewards

Sign up for a Faculty Staff Help Center workshop or discussion group

The FSHC offers opportunities to connect with others as you learn new skills to navigate life's ups and downs.

Further your knowledge in the areas of mental health and wellbeing

Whether you or a loved one are affected by one of these topic areas, or you're just interested in learning more, browse this reading list.

Invest in your future

Learn about retirement savings options and investment strategies to ensure your future is secure.

Stay healthy

Explore Stanford's health benefits offerings to maintain your overall health and wellbeing.

Discover Stanford Sweeteners to support your ongoing learning

Whether you are traveling, exploring the arts, or taking an online class, these "sweet" perks and rewards provide endless opportunities for learning and development.

Learn & Grow

Enhance your skills and knowledge with a staff development course

Learn new skills that will benefit you not only at work, but also in your personal life.

Investigate the broad array of training opportunities

Stanford offers countless opportunities for continuing education, training and professional development.

Take an online assessment and put the results into action

These action-oriented self-assessments help you discover your strengths, interests and areas for growth.

Get help paying for your education and training

STAP and STRP offer financial assistance and reimbursement to help you pay for the cost of training courses or a degree.

Manage & Lead

Explore Leadership Development Programs

If you are a leader or manager, check out the Leadership Development Programs, including Manager Academy, Leadership @ Stanford and more.

Discover development resources for managers

From podcasts to Breakfast Briefings, these resources are available to help you learn and grow in your role as a manager.

Develop your employees

Encouraging learning and growth on your teams by using these tools and strategies to develop your employees.


Stay informed

Browse our newsletters to stay current on what's happening at Stanford.

Join a staff group for support and camaraderie

Staff Affinity Groups help you meet new people and provide opportunities for professional, social and personal support.

Tap into an online knowledge base through email list communities

Ask questions, share  tips and resources, and get valuable information from others by participating in an email community.

Employee Calendar

Be in the know about all employee-related events.