Brain and Behavior

US News - Stanford Children's HealthYour child’s brain and behavior make up much of who they are and how they experience the world. Right from the start, Stanford Children’s Health is here to support your child and their healthy development. Our teams blend deep expertise and groundbreaking research with a compassionate, inclusive approach that makes you and your family our partners in care. Together, we’ll help your child reach their fullest potential.

Our Brain and Behavior Center spans many disciplines and is one of the nation's leading programs for treating disorders of brain development, function and behavior. Our Stanford Medicine physicians are specialists in congenital central nervous system defects, neuromuscular and movement disorders, cerebro-vascular disorders, brain tumor treatment, traumatic head injuries, epilepsy, autism and developmental disorders, depression, and clinical outcomes and health research.

Our interdisciplinary expertise, combined with our family-centered care approach, ensures that your child and family can rely on us for an extraordinary care experience and a healthier, happy life together.