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My Devices

The My Devices service lets Stanford affiliates who are subject to Stanford's information security mandates view the compliance status of their devices.

The University established a goal of verifiably encrypting all desktop and laptop computers used by faculty, staff, and post-docs on the campus network by May 31, 2015. This requirement applies to both Stanford and personally owned computers that are used for Stanford activities on the campus network, other than those granted exceptions due to special requirements. Individuals with access to PHI or other Prohibited or Restricted Data must install Mobile Device Manager (MDM) on their iOS or Android devices.

With the  My Devices app, Stanford community members can look up the devices associated with them that are registered on the Stanford network. My Devices displays the encryption status of these devices, so that device owners take action, if necessary,  to comply with the May 31st encryption deadline.

See the Endpoint Compliance page for more information about how to comply with the information security requirements.


  • Able to see all your devices that are registered to access the Stanford network

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Last modified September 3, 2015