This is a "tree view" of the organizational code hierarchy at Stanford University as of September 1, 2015.

When the "tree view" first appears on the screen, all nodes in the hierarchy are collapsed. You can expand the
hierarchy by clicking on the signs of parent nodes or collapse parent nodes by clicking on the signs.

As a short-cut, you can use these buttons to expand or collapse all nodes in the hierarchy. Since there are over 2300
members of the hierarchy, it will take several seconds to perform either command.

Questions or comments about the "tree view" can be sent to the University Budget Office.

Level 1- AA00 -Stanford University
Level 2- AAAA -Offices of the President and Provost
Level 3- ABAA -Office of the President
Level 3- FBAA -Office of the Provost
Level 4- FNEF -Continuing Studies and Summer Session
Level 4- FXRL -Budget and Auxiliaries Management
Level 4- MRLA -Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies
Level 4- ADWA -Diversity and Access Office
Level 4- FACO -Provost's Office Computing Operations
Level 4- FAFE -Provost's Office Operations
Level 4- FAFO -Provost's Office Finance Planning
Level 4- FAKJ -Faculty Development and Diversity Office
Level 4- FAOO -Title IX Office
Level 4- FAUS -Faculty Affairs
Level 4- FBFB -Foundation Relations
Level 4- FBZT -Academic Secretary's Office
Level 4- FPLZ -Office for Religious Life
Level 4- FQDB -Faculty/Staff Housing
Level 3- ABNC -PPO Noncap Projects
Level 2- ABIQ -Public Affairs
Level 2- AETC -Office of the General Counsel
Level 2- AGBS -Hoover Institution
Level 2- AHYA -SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory
Level 2- BAAA -Office of Vice President for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer
Level 3- BACA -University Information Technology
Level 4- BACI -University Information Technology Operations
Level 4- BISE -Information Security Office
Level 4- BUWS -University Web Services
Level 4- CAAA -IT Services
Level 4- CBAU -Administrative Systems
Level 3- BACB -Business Affairs
Level 4- BADR -VP for Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer Operations
Level 4- BAVF -Financial Management Services
Level 5- BAKZ -Procurement Services
Level 5- BATO -Treasurer's Office
Level 5- BFBG -Global Services
Level 5- BFCS -Financial Management Consulting and Support
Level 5- BIOY -Controller's Office
Level 5- BVFO -Financial Management Services Operations
Level 4- BDNJ -Risk Management
Level 4- BRFC -Research Financial Compliance & Services
Level 4- BWLO -Office of Sponsored Research
Level 4- BDJS -Audit, Compliance & Privacy
Level 4- BDJT -Business Affairs Non Cap Projects
Level 2- BSCK -Office of VP for University Human Resources
Level 2- DAAA -Office of the Vice President for Development
Level 3- DAKS -Fundraising
Level 4- DBXV -The Stanford Fund
Level 4- DDON -Department of University Campaigns
Level 4- DAOG -Fundraising Operations
Level 4- DAVJ -Principal Gifts
Level 4- DBCM -Major Gifts
Level 4- DBFQ -Field Qualification
Level 4- DBJP -International Division
Level 4- DBNG -Next Generation Giving
Level 4- DBQS -Parents Program
Level 4- DCAP -Development - Arts Programs
Level 4- DDAS -Integrated Marketing Services
Level 4- DHKD -Corporate Relations
Level 4- DHKK -Corporate and Foundation Relations
Level 3- DDSC -Central Services
Level 4- DDZE -Legal Counsel
Level 4- DFIU -Operations and Services
Level 4- DFWW -ADIS
Level 4- DDVQ -Central Services Operations
Level 4- DEYC -Finance
Level 4- DFBQ -Facilities
Level 4- DFFF -Human Resources
Level 4- DFNC -OOD Non Cap Projects
Level 4- DGAA -Learning and Performance
Level 4- DGDO -Development Outreach
Level 4- DGOU -Communications and Stewardship
Level 4- DGVX -Donor Relations
Level 4- DHDA -Prospect Development
Level 3- DHUU -School Development Offices
Level 3- DACK -Office of the Vice President
Level 3- DAHD -University Development
Level 2- DLBA -Stanford Alumni Association
Level 3- DLDK -General and Administrative
Level 3- DMCW -Strategic Initiatives
Level 3- DNHC -Alumni Relations Programs
Level 4- DMED -Alumni Services
Level 4- DMEQ -Alumni Volunteer Engagement
Level 4- DNVI -Alumni and Student Class Outreach
Level 4- DQDV -Alumni Communities
Level 4- DSAE -Alumni Education
Level 4- DNUD -Post Season Athletics Events
Level 4- DSCT -Stanford Connects
Level 4- DWEY -Alumni Center Services
Level 3- DSNM -Communications
Level 3- DVFM -Revenue Sources
Level 3- DWHY -Program Support
Level 3- DLCF -Stanford Alumni Association Operations
Level 2- FCEY -Adm & Aid
Level 2- FDLI -Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
Level 3- FDMM -VPUE Central Administration
Level 3- FFSS -Stanford Introductory Studies
Level 3- PYMM -Bing Overseas Studies
Level 3- FHAR -Undergraduate Advising and Research
Level 3- FHCG -Area 2
Level 3- FHPB -Undergraduate Advising Programs
Level 3- FIXF -Undergraduate Research Programs
Level 3- FIXR -Introductory Course Project
Level 3- FIYD -Mentoring in the Major
Level 3- FIYP -Oral Communication
Level 3- FIZB -Undergraduate Initiatives
Level 3- FRPG -Residential Programs
Level 3- HJDX -Freshman Dean's Office
Level 2- FPTL -Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
Level 2- GAAA -Residential & Dining Enterprises, Office of the Sr Assoc Vice Provost
Level 3- GAAB -Residential & Dining Enterprises Operations
Level 4- GADA -Residential and Dining Enterprises Operations
Level 4- GBSS -Information Systems
Level 4- GCKQ -Student Housing
Level 5- GAOY -Housing Assignment Services
Level 5- GCTO -Student Housing Design and Standards
Level 5- GDFM -SHS Grounds/Exterior
Level 5- GEAI -Housing Maintenance
Level 5- GEYE -SHS Major Repairs & Planned Projects
Level 5- GFKC -Undergraduate Housing Operations
Level 5- GHIT -Graduate Housing Operations
Level 5- GCNP -Student Housing Services Operations
Level 5- GFIH -Utilities and Energy Management
Level 5- GFJM -Student Housing Asset Renewal Programs
Level 4- GHAS -Hospitality and Auxiliary Services
Level 5- GLGR -All Retail Cafes
Level 5- GACO -Auxiliary Central Office
Level 5- GGCA -Grad Community Center
Level 5- GHRC -Empty
Level 5- GKKG -Vending
Level 5- GKOG -Preventive Maintenance
Level 5- GKUF -Catering
Level 5- GLGG -Belden
Level 5- GLGH -Clark Center Coffee House (Not Used)
Level 5- GLMC -Athletic Concessions
Level 5- GSGH -Stanford Guest House
Level 4- GIVO -Stanford Conferences
Level 4- GJTK -Stanford Dining
Level 5- GJUW -Dining Services Central Administration
Level 5- GKNF -Executive, Catering and Other Retail
Level 5- GLVA -Residence Hall Dining Operations
Level 5- GQHH -Other Residence Hall Dining Operations
Level 5- GQNG -Summer Residence Hall Dining Operations
Level 4- GPPM -Capital Planning and Project Management (CPPM)
Level 5- GPAD -CPPM-Administration Costs
Level 5- GPAR -CPPM-Asset Renewal
Level 5- GPCP -CPPM-Capital Plan Projects
Level 5- GPEP -CPPM-Emerging Projects
Level 5- GPMB -CPPM-Maintenance Backlog Projects
Level 5- GPMM -CPPM-Major Maintenance Projects
Level 5- GPNH -CPPM-Initiative for New Housing
Level 5- GPSC -CPPM-Startup Costs
Level 5- GINE -R&DE Non Cap Projects
Level 4- GBDV -Off Campus Housing
Level 4- GMHA -Munger Hospitality & Auxiliary Services
Level 4- GMHO -Munger Graduate Housing Operations
Level 4- GMMP -Munger Meeting Planning Services
Level 3- GAAC -R&DE Central Operations
Level 2- GLBR -Land, Buildings and Real Estate
Level 3- GQQG -Land, Buildings and Real Estate
Level 4- GRLC -Land and Buildings Operations
Level 5- GRRB -Facilities Operations Administration
Level 5- GRSM -Sustainability and Energy Management
Level 5- GUNO -Building Maintenance
Level 5- GYEY -Zone Management
Level 4- GQTF -Land, Buildings and Real Estate Vice President Office
Level 4- GQWE -Department of Capital Planning
Level 4- GQZE -Department of Project Management
Level 4- GQZG -Project Management Resources
Level 4- GRFD -University Architect/Campus Planning and Design
Level 4- GRGR -Land Use and Environmental Planning
Level 4- GRRE -Real Estate
Level 4- GSCZ -Land, Buildings and Real Estate Finance and Administration
Level 3- GOLB -Others Land and Buildings
Level 3- GREO -Real Estate Operations
Level 2- HAAA -Vice Provost for Student Affairs
Level 3- HAGN -Office of Vice Provost for Student Affairs
Level 3- HASR -Dean for Community Engagement and Diversity
Level 4- HDCC -Community Centers
Level 4- HJEQ -Haas Center for Public Service
Level 4- HBRI -The Bridge Peer Counseling Center
Level 4- HDGN -Diversity and First-Gen Office
Level 4- HDQI -Office of Student Activities and Leadership
Level 4- HEVS -Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU)
Level 4- HSRO -Office of the Dean for Community Engagement and Diversity
Level 3- HATN -Office of the Dean of Student Life
Level 3- HBYA -Career Development Center
Level 3- HEXW -Vaden Student Health Center
Level 3- HGVQ -University Registrar, Student and Academic Services
Level 4- HBLC -Bechtel International Center
Level 4- HCAE -Office of Accessible Education
Level 4- HGVS -Registrars Office
Level 4- HMAC -Office for Millitary-Affiliated Communities
Level 4- HSFS -Student Financial Services
Level 4- HSSC -Student Services Center
Level 3- HLWY -Residential Education
Level 3- HREA -Undergraduate Residential Auxiliaries
Level 2- JAAA -Stanford University Libraries
Level 3- JAES -Administration
Level 3- JBLO -Academic and Residential Computing
Level 3- JFEM -Technical Services
Level 3- JJFI -Library Collections and Services
Level 3- JPSG -Science and Engineering Resource Group
Level 3- JWFE -HighWire
Level 3- JXYN -Stanford University Press
Level 3- JFBK -Library Technology
Level 3- JWAM -Stanford Publishing Courses
Level 3- JWDO -Library Materials
Level 3- JWHS -Stanford Historical Society
Level 3- JYAA -LOCKSS Program
Level 2- LAAA -Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation
Level 3- LAKC -Men's Sport Programs
Level 3- LEUO -Women's Sport Programs
Level 4- LEXX -Women's Sport Programs Operations
Level 4- LFEQ -Women's Basketball Program
Level 4- LFLJ -Women's Diving Program
Level 4- LFSC -Women's Gymnastics Program
Level 4- LFYV -Women's Soccer Program
Level 4- LGFO -Women's Swimming Program
Level 4- LGMH -Women's Tennis Program
Level 4- LGTA -Women's Volleyball Program
Level 4- LGZT -Women's Water Polo Program
Level 4- LHGM -Women's Synchronized Swimming Program
Level 4- LHNF -Women's Lacrosse Program
Level 4- LHTY -Women's Crew Program
Level 4- LIAS -Women's Fencing Program
Level 4- LIHK -Women's Golf Program
Level 4- LIOD -Women's Field Hockey Program
Level 4- LIUW -Women's Cross Country Program
Level 4- LJBP -Women's Track and Field Program
Level 4- LJII -Women's Softball Program
Level 4- LJKA -Women's Lightweight Rowing Program
Level 4- LJWS -Women's Squash Program
Level 3- LJLS -Coed Sports
Level 3- LJZE -External Relations
Level 3- LNZM -Business and Operations
Level 4- LOCW -Operations Administration
Level 4- LTRO -Golf Course
Level 4- LTAA -Stanford University Red Barn Equestrian Center
Level 4- LTAE -Stanford Campus Recreation Association
Level 4- LTEC -Human Resources/Office Support
Level 4- LTKV -Business and Finance
Level 3- LVCO -Physical Education and Recreation
Level 3- LWQY -Athletic Services
Level 3- LXRW -Intercollegiate Sports
Level 3- LZJQ -Student Enhancement
Level 3- LAGT -DAPER Departmentwide Operations
Level 3- LAHO -Director's Office
Level 3- LAIJ -SWA
Level 3- LAJE -Other DAPER Administration
Level 3- LJXM -Multiple Sport Programs
Level 3- LZQJ -Positive Coaching Alliance
Level 2- MAAA -Vice Provost and Dean of Research
Level 3- MAHA -Administrative Units
Level 4- MAPV -Vice Provost and Dean of Research Office
Level 4- MDWD -Environmental Health and Safety
Level 4- MJRA -Administrative - Other
Level 4- MAKO -Administrative Units Operations
Level 4- MBIA -Office of International Affairs
Level 4- MBPH -Office of Science Outreach
Level 4- MCAS -Research Compliance
Level 4- MCSH -Sexual Harassment Policy Office
Level 4- MJIK -Office of Technology Licensing
Level 4- MJSK -Worldview at Stanford
Level 3- MLDV -Academic Units
Level 4- MLJC -Academic Units Operations
Level 4- MLTQ -Center for the Study of Language and Information
Level 4- MNOP -Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
Level 4- MUBR -Edward L. Ginzton Laboratory
Level 4- MWCJ -T. H. Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials
Level 4- MXSN -W. W. Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory
Level 4- NAAA -Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies
Level 5- NANL -Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies Central
Level 5- NAUG -Research Centers
Level 5- NDXG -Research Programs
Level 5- NHAG -Research Projects
Level 4- NKJA -Stanford Neurosciences Institute
Level 4- NLAA -Precourt Institute for Energy
Level 5- NLAB -Precourt Institute for Energy Central
Level 5- NLAP -Precourt Institute for Energy Research Centers
Level 6- NKNL -Global Climate and Energy Project
Level 6- NLAS -TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy
Level 6- NLQL -Precourt Energy Efficiency Center
Level 6- NLAR -Precourt Institute for Energy Research Center Operations
Level 6- NLAX -Stanford Environmental and Energy Policy Analysis Center at Precourt (SEEPAC)
Level 4- NLMB -Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology
Level 4- NLRU -Stanford Humanities Center
Level 4- NOQA -Stanford ChEM-H
Level 4- NOSM -Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research
Level 4- NSEP -Woods Institute for the Environment
Level 4- NXLM -Stanford Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences
Level 4- NYAA -Bio-X
Level 4- NYAB -PULSE Institute
Level 4- NYWK -Wallenberg Programs
Level 4- MTCB -Stanford Cyber Initiative
Level 4- NLON -Stanford Center on Longevity
Level 3- MLNA -Shared Facilities
Level 3- MADN -Vice Provost and Dean of Research Operations
Level 3- MADQ -DoR Non Cap Projects
Level 2- PAAA -School of Humanities and Sciences
Level 3- PADB -Humanities and Sciences Dean
Level 3- PCDP -Humanities and Sciences Departments and Programs
Level 4- PCXU -Humanities and Arts Cluster
Level 5- PDFA -Art
Level 5- PEBL -Theater and Performance Studies and Dance
Level 5- QSAI -Arts Initiative
Level 5- PDUN -Classics
Level 5- PFGK -The Institute for Diversity in the Arts
Level 5- PFNZ -English
Level 5- PGKS -Creative Writing
Level 5- PGSH -History
Level 5- PGZY -The Bill Lane Center for the American West
Level 5- PIEE -Music
Level 5- PILT -Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
Level 5- PSKT -Humanities Center Fellows Program
Level 5- QPUP -Program in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Level 5- QRCG -Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities
Level 5- QRIZ -American Studies
Level 5- QSXJ -Modern Thought and Literature
Level 5- QVTK -The Martin Luther King, Jr., Research and Education Institute
Level 4- PHFQ -Humanities and Global Studies Cluster
Level 5- PNVY -Division of Literatures, Cultures and Languages
Level 5- QJPC -Stanford Global Studies
Level 5- PHHL -Linguistics
Level 5- PJIM -Philosophy
Level 5- PJXQ -Religious Studies
Level 5- POWL -Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
Level 5- PSJJ -Language Center
Level 5- QKLD -Buddhist Studies
Level 5- QPHD -Ethics In Society
Level 5- QRFM -Center on Medieval and Early Modern Studies (CMEMS)
Level 5- QYIS -Symbolic Systems
Level 4- PSQY -Social Sciences Cluster
Level 5- QKPZ -Ctr for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity
Level 5- QRIS -IRiSS
Level 5- PTVG -Communication
Level 5- PUZO -Anthropology
Level 5- PVOS -Economics
Level 5- PWTA -Political Science
Level 5- PXIE -Psychology
Level 5- PYEX -Sociology
Level 5- QDMY -Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics
Level 5- QHGM -Bing Nursery School
Level 5- QKJG -Archaeology
Level 5- QNFH -African and African American Studies
Level 5- QPAL -Center for Human Origins and Paleoanthropology
Level 5- QRKF -John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships
Level 5- QWGW -Public Policy
Level 5- QYWE -Urban Studies
Level 5- QZQJ -Food Research
Level 5- QZTM -Kozmetsky Global Collaboratory
Level 4- QAAA -Natural Sciences Cluster
Level 5- QANB -Biology Department
Level 5- QCAA -Chemistry Department
Level 5- QDXM -Physics Department
Level 5- QPNA -Institute for Gender Research
Level 5- QQAA -Patrick Suppes Center for the History and Philosophy of Science
Level 5- QAGT -Applied Physics
Level 5- QDCU -Hopkins Marine Station
Level 5- QDQG -Mathematics
Level 5- QFLJ -Astronomy
Level 5- QFYV -Center for Space Science and Astrophysics
Level 5- QGMH -Statistics
Level 5- QIAR -BioPhysics
Level 5- QIHK -Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve
Level 5- QJBP -Morrison Institute for Population and Resource Studies
Level 5- QQBI -History and Philosophy of Science
Level 5- QQOU -Human Biology
Level 5- QRHG -Stanford Center for Computational, Evolutionary and Human Genomics
Level 5- QVMR -Math and Computational Science
Level 5- QWUI -Science, Technology and Society
Level 5- QXVG -Stanford in Washington
Level 5- QZRA -Financial Mathematics
Level 4- PCDQ -Humanities and Sciences Departments & Programs
Level 2- RAAA -School of Engineering
Level 3- RABI -Dean's Offices
Level 4- RACR -Administration
Level 4- RCKA -External Relations
Level 4- RDDA -Online Learning and Professional Development
Level 5- RDEA -Stanford Center for Professional Development
Level 5- RDDO -Online Learning
Level 4- RFUA -Student Affairs
Level 4- RDCA -Academic and Faculty Affairs
Level 3- RBKA -Programs, Centers and Institutes
Level 3- RGNA -Departments
Level 4- RBSA -Bioengineering
Level 5- RJLJ -Administration
Level 5- RJMR -Labs and Programs
Level 4- RGOA -Aeronautics and Astronautics
Level 5- RGPA -Administration
Level 5- RHAA -Centers
Level 5- RHCA -Labs and Programs
Level 6- RHEA -Program-Faculty
Level 6- RHGA -Program-Alonso, J.
Level 6- RHKA -Program-Cantwell, B.
Level 6- RHOA -Program-Chang, F-K.
Level 6- RHSA -Program-Christensen, R.
Level 6- RHTZ -Program-Close, S.
Level 6- RHUZ -Program-D'Amico, S.
Level 6- RHWA -Program-DeBra, D.
Level 6- RIAA -Program-Enge, P.
Level 6- RIEA -Program-Jameson, A.
Level 6- RIGA -Program-Kochenderfer, M.
Level 6- RIIB -Program-Kroo, I.
Level 6- RIQA -Program-Lele, S.
Level 6- RISA -Program-MacCormack, R.
Level 6- RITA -Program-Parkinson, B.
Level 6- RITP -Program-Pavone, M.
Level 6- RIUA -Program-Powell, D.
Level 6- RIYA -Program-Rock, S.
Level 6- RIYS -Program-Schwager, M.
Level 6- RJAA -Program-Senesky, D.
Level 6- RJCA -Program-Springer, G.
Level 6- RJGA -Program-Tomlin, C.
Level 6- RJKA -Program-Tsai, S.
Level 6- RJLA -Program-Twiggs, R.
Level 6- RJLF -Program-West M.
Level 6- SXEA -Program-Farhat, C.
Level 4- RJMA -Chemical Engineering
Level 5- RJNA -Administration
Level 5- RKAA -Centers
Level 5- RKIA -Labs and Programs
Level 4- RMCA -Civil and Environmental Engineering
Level 5- RMDA -Administration
Level 5- RMQA -Centers
Level 5- RMWA -Divisions, Labs and Programs
Level 6- RNAA -Atmosphere and Energy
Level 6- RNCA -Construction Engineering and Management
Level 6- ROCA -Environmental Engineering and Science
Level 6- RPOA -Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology
Level 6- RQSA -Structural Engineering and Geomechanics
Level 6- RMYA -Program-Faculty
Level 4- RSGA -Computer Science
Level 5- RSHA -Administration
Level 5- RTGA -Subject Areas, Labs and Programs
Level 6- RTIA -Computer Systems Lab
Level 7- RTOA -Graphics
Level 7- RUIA -Infolab
Level 7- RTKA -Computer Systems Lab Operations
Level 7- RVMD -Program-Aiken, A.
Level 7- RVSA -Program-Dill, D.
Level 7- RVWA -Program-Engler, D.
Level 7- RWAA -Program-Lam, M.
Level 7- RWCA -Program-Levis, P.
Level 7- RWEA -Program-Rosenblum, M.
Level 7- SAXC -Program-Dally, W.
Level 6- RWGA -Knowledge Systems Lab
Level 6- RWMA -Other Programs
Level 6- RXEA -Robotics
Level 6- RYYA -Theoretical Computing
Level 6- RWFA -KAUST - King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Level 4- SAAA -Electrical Engineering
Level 5- SABY -Administration
Level 5- SAJQ -Divisions, Labs and Programs
Level 6- SANM -Computer Systems Laboratory
Level 6- SBZY -Information Systems Laboratory
Level 7- RIMA -Program-Lall, S.
Level 7- SCBW -Information Systems Laboratory
Level 7- SCFS -Program-Boyd, S.
Level 7- SCJO -Program-Cover, T.
Level 7- SCMO -Program-Duchi, J.
Level 7- SCNK -Program-El Gamal, A.
Level 7- SCOO -Program-Ellerbee, A.
Level 7- SCPI -Program-Franklin, G.
Level 7- SCRG -Program-Gill, J.
Level 7- SCVC -Program-Girod, B.
Level 7- SCXA -Program-Goodman, J.
Level 7- SCYY -Program-Gray, R.
Level 7- SDAW -Program-Hellman, M.
Level 7- SDCU -Program-Kailath, T.
Level 7- SDKM -Program-Macovski, A.
Level 7- SDMM -Program-Montanari, A.
Level 7- SDOI -Program-Nishimura, D.
Level 7- SDSE -Program-Osgood, B.
Level 7- SDTA -Program-�zg�r Aydin, A.
Level 7- SDWA -Program-Paulraj, A.
Level 7- SDXY -Program-Pauly, J.
Level 7- SDYA -Program-Poon, A.
Level 7- SDZS -Program-Soh, T.
Level 7- SDZW -Program-Prabhakar, B.
Level 7- SDZX -Program-Weissman T.
Level 7- SDZY -Program-Tse, D.
Level 7- SEAA -Program-Wetzstein, G.
Level 7- SEDS -Program-Widrow, B.
Level 7- SOQU -Program-Van Roy, B.
Level 6- SEFQ -Integrated Circuits Laboratory
Level 6- SFVY -Solid State Photonics Laboratory
Level 6- SHXU -STAR Laboratory
Level 6- RBWA -Stanford SystemX Alliance
Level 6- SALO -Program-Faculty
Level 4- SJGK -Management Science and Engineering