Stanford in New York

Starting in Fall 2015
Stanford in New York presents students with distinctive opportunities for engagement within one of the world's most dynamic cities. Through an intensive academic quarter of study, reflective practice, and experiential learning in New York, students hone their intellectual skills and capacities, develop their abilities as adaptive learners and enlarge their creative confidence. For more information contact
Stanford in New York Program
Learn more about Stanford in New York courses, internships, logistics, and answers to frequently asked questions. The program will include field trips, alumni mentoring, speakers, and other group activities. Students who will be juniors or seniors in Fall 2015 are eligible to apply. Coursework and internships will focus on the arts, architecture, design, and urban issues in New York City.
Read about the faculty and staff involved in the Stanford in New York program, including Director Rosina S. Miller and Fall 2015 Faculty in Residence Doug McAdam.
Learn more about Stanford in New York courses.
Learn more about Stanford in New York internships.
If you are a faculty member, learn more about teaching in the Stanford in New York program.
Please be sure to fully read about the Stanford in New York program before applying. Students are encouraged to consult with their major department or program about how the Stanford in New York courses will fit into their plan of study. The application deadline is January 24, 2016 11:59 pm PST.