Online Engineering Courses, Certificates, and Degrees from Stanford University

  • Online Engineering CoursesStanford Online
  • Online Engineering CoursesStanford Online
  • Online Engineering CoursesStanford Online
  • Online Engineering CoursesStanford Online

Online Engineering Courses, Certificates, and Degrees from Stanford University

Participate in Stanford courses, seminars, and webinars online and be part of the Stanford University spirit of innovation and openness. Our online engineering courses reflect the exciting research and world-class teaching of Stanford faculty from the School of Engineering.

Are you up to the challenge?

In today's competitive global economy, managers must go beyond traditional roles to succeed. Solutions to future challenges exist in areas where disciplines converge and overlap. Ingenuity and innovation often result when technology, management, and leadership intertwine.

Competency model

Competency Model

Professional courses are mapped against competencies in leadership, strategy, decision-making, innovation and, execution – knowledge commonly sought by engineers and technology professionals wishing to expand beyond their areas of expertise.

Certificates Available

Earn world-class credentials.

Through the Stanford Center for Professional Development, you may take online individual graduate and professional courses in engineering and related fields. Graduate courses may also be audited. Earn a graduate or professional certificate or a master of science degree in engineering part-time, at a pace that works for you. Listed here are some areas in which you may take online courses and earn a certificate or an engineering degree:

Computer Science and Information Technology

Electrical Engineering

Engineering Leadership & Management


Mechanical Engineering

View all offerings of the Stanford Center for Professional Development.

Professional Certificates

Graduate Certificates

Masters Degrees

Courses & Seminars

Course Previews

Why Stanford?

Stanford Online Engineering Video

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Faculty Excellence

The Stanford faculty includes members of the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering. Prizes awarded to Stanford faculty include the Nobel Prize, the Kyoto Prize, and more.

Fresh Perspectives

The networked, community-driven environment at Stanford is a rich, long lasting resource. Network with a diverse group of individuals who bring their professional and industry perspectives into the classroom or online.

Flexible Learning

Lectures can be viewed online anytime to fit your schedule, from anywhere with a high-speed Internet connection. Attending class at Stanford is available to students enrolled in graduate courses for a master's degree, or professional courses offered on campus.

Access groundbreaking research.

SCPD online

Tap into groundbreaking research and discovery at Stanford with seminars and webinars given by Stanford faculty, senior researchers, and industry experts. You can view all seminars and webinars online for free.

  • Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • International Technology Management
  • Computer Security
  • Design Thinking and Innovation
  • Risk Management
  • and more...