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Project Manager for Information Technology

Administrative Systems

The “package” Stanford offers employees, including medical benefits, wellness programs and commuter options, along with an “open, supportive culture” attracted Dave Bunger to the university in May 2012 when he accepted a position as project manager.

But competitive medical coverage, incentives for bicycling to work, and flexible work options are just some of the reasons Dave says he’s enthusiastic about working at Stanford.

“What I’ve observed is that Stanford cares about its employees and about retaining them,” he says. “They make it a priority in terms of the way they recruit employees and then support them once they’ve joined.”

In addition to a supportive environment, Dave also enjoys working with a diverse group of colleagues and customers, and exercising creativity to come up with innovative solutions.

“There’s some freedom in how projects are done that I didn’t see in the corporate environment, as there is less focus on the short-term profit cycle that often influences corporate decisions,” says Dave.