Stanford celebrates National Bike Month in May

Thank you for riding your bike on Bike to Work Day! Read the Bike to Work Day 2015 recap & results.

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Bike to Work Day 2015 recap & results

More than 2,000 Stanford bicyclists participated in Bike to Work Day 2015

Hospital Fountain Energizer StationSprocket Man rewards a helmet wearer with a free bike light (Photo: Alyssa Rudelis)
Hospital Fountain Energizer StationClark Center Energizer Station hosted by Stanford Biodesign global fellowship program thanks to Christine Kurihara (Photo: Xu Wen)

Riders report cycling an average of 8 miles per trip and avoiding thousands of vehicle miles.

On Thursday, May 14, Stanford participated in the Bay Area’s 21st annual Bike to Work Day. The day saw more than 2,000 bicycle commuters and 279 pedestrians arriving onto campus and other Stanford locations.

There were 807 bicycle commuters that reported their mileage: They logged a total of 6,386 miles and averaged 8 miles per trip. By biking instead of driving, these commuters eliminated an estimated 5,786* pounds of CO2 emissions on Bike to Work Day.

For more than 10 years, Stanford has participated in the event, encouraging commuters to pedal or walk their way to work. This year, Stanford co-hosted 14 Energizer Stations in partnership with Stanford Health Care (Main Hospital), Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

At the stations, riders were greeted with smiles, snacks and a free Bike to Work tote bag. Stanford’s bike safety hero, Sprocket Man, rewarded more than 200 riders on the spot for wearing helmets: As they rode by the Palm and Arboretum intersection, they received a free bike light for modeling exemplary behavior and setting a good example.

Over 73 volunteers, representing various campus departments including Public Safety, Biodesign and Stanford Staffers, signed up to help staff stations. Stanford Public Safety, who provided three public safety officers, has supported the event since 2000.

For the past three years, Christine Kurihara, Senior Associate Director of Global and Communication with Stanford Biodesign, has rallied her co-workers to rise and shine to meet and greet the riders at the Clark Center Bike to Work Energizer Station.

Marjorie Powell, chair of Stanford Staffers, reached out to adopt an energizer station for the day. She invited her colleagues to volunteer as they are all enthusiastic riders and will participate in the Canary Challenge this fall, raising funds for cancer research.

Bike commuters reported riding from as far as San Francisco and San Jose on a daily basis and combining bus and train with cycling from as far away as Santa Cruz. Participation in Bike to Work at Stanford has increased 39 percent since 2010.

Brian Shaw, Director of Parking & Transportation commented, “Bicycling is a great, active way to get to work. Bike to Work Day validates that you can easily ride, as the numbers indicate, to save time, gas and car expenses, especially if you live within a 3- to 5-mile commute distance. And by biking to work you help Stanford continue to achieve our vehicle trip reduction goals while making yourself healthier. A win-win!”

Stanford’s Bicycle Program continues to offer classes and promotions throughout May, which is National Bike Month. Bicyclists are encouraged to take Stanford’s Bike Safety Pledge through May 31 to be entered into a drawing to win a Breezer Downtown 3 bike generously donated by the Campus Bike Shop. By taking the pledge, riders commit to follow the rules of the road and to wear a bicycle helmet for every ride, even on short trips.

Free bike safety classes are offered monthly. Class attendees learn bike safety and the rules of the road and receive a voucher for $10 off any helmet purchase from the Campus Bike Shop. The next class is May 28. Registration is required on the Stanford Department of Public Safety website.

Share your department’s team spirit—rally colleagues to ride during May, National Bike Month. Both P&TS and Stanford Hospital and Clinics will award a free breakfast to the winning department through the luck of the draw. Log your ride by May 31 to be entered into the drawing.

For bike questions and assistance, please email

P&TS collaborated on planning this year with Terry Palmer, Wellness Program coordinator with HealthySteps, Stanford Health Care and Stanford Children’s Health Improvement Program for the main hospital, Redwood City, Bohannon and Embarcadero locations; and Denise Ochoa, Facilities and Operations Manager on the Porter Drive location.

* The per-mile emissions factor used for automobiles is 0.411 kg CO2/mile (or 0.906 lb. CO2/mile). This is based upon an average passenger vehicle fuel economy of 21.4 mpg (2011) figure from U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics).

2015 Bike to Work Day Results

Locations Total Riders University and Hospital subtotals Riders who recorded miles Miles Avg. Trip Walkers
White Plaza 243   73 294 4 13
El Camino/Galvez Street 79   51 440 9 14
Campus Drive/Santa Teresa 72   26 209 8 7
Palm Drive 432   181 1535 8 127
Serra Street/El Camino 356   109 697 6 13
Clark Center/Dean's Lawn 173   82 576 7 16
Escondido at Comstock 242   62 355 6 9
SLAC 150   40 401 10 0
Porter Drive 18   8 113 14 4
Stanford Hospital Fountain 89   74 863 12 36
LPCH Falk Lot 37   26 335 13 29
Bohannon 13   13 129 10 0
Redwood City 91   42 309 7 10
Embarcadero 21   20 130 6.5 1
TOTAL STANFORD   2016 807 6386 8 279

Why Bike To Work?

  • Almost 40 percent of Bay Area commuters live within five miles of their workplace, a distance considered ideal for bicycle commuting.
  • If every person living this close to their workplace pedaled to work on Bike to Work Day, more than 60,000 vehicles would be off the road, reducing tailpipe emissions by more than 150,000 pounds.
  • Bicycling or walking could save both emissions and expenses. Try our Commute Cost and Carbon Emissions Calculator for your savings.

Be Safe Riding and Walking To Work

Breezer Downtown 3 bike
Breezer Downtown 3

Share your department’s Bike to Work Day ride—win a free breakfast!

department bike ride winner

department bike ride winner

Department Ride Breakfast winners from 2014 — Team Student Housing (left) representing the campus and Team Rehab Services (right) representing the hospital.

Share your department’s team spirit and how you rally colleagues to ride during May, National Bike Month, or on Bike to Work Day, May 14. We have heard stories of both short and long rides, some from as far away as San Francisco and beyond. The information will help foster new programs, gather information on bike-friendly departments, and inspire all of us to ride more and drive less when we can.

Log your ride by May 31 to be entered into the drawing. Luck of the draw will award a free* breakfast to the winning department.

*Breakfast limited to budget capacity and our vendor selection, must be redeemed by June 30, 2015

SVBC Bike to Work Day Programs

Thanks to our friends at the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) who are sharing these Bike to Work Day programs county-wide. More information,

Company Bike Challenge

The Company Bike Challenge is a great friendly cycling competition among companies throughout the Bay Area that encourages friends and colleagues to commute by bike during the month of May. Cyclists competing in the Team Bike Challenge will earn points for their team and company every time they ride their bike to work, the park, or any other destination. It's also another great way to show other companies in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties that you are a commuting champion.

To compete, individuals sign up on the Team Bike Challenge registration page and choose their company from a pull down menu. Points will then be counted towards that company. There are three categories for companies, and the company with the highest point total in each category wins!

For complete rules and to participate, register at Company Bike Challenge participants need only sign up and join their company. You can also join as a team for the Team Bike Challenge if you'd like (more information below).

Company categories are:

  • Small Business (1-50 Local Employees)
  • Medium Company (50-300 Local Employees)
  • Large Corporation (300+ Local Employees)

Team Bike Challenge

The Team Bike Challenge is a fun commute competition taking place during National Bike Month (May) that encourages friends and colleagues to form teams of two to five people to compete against other teams throughout the Bay Area. Team members will earn points every time they ride their bikes and for every mile they pedal. Whether you're riding to work, school, the park or almost anywhere else, you will earn points along the way. One team will be crowned from each county.

For complete rules and to participate, form a team of up to 5 riders and register today at

Events Calendar

Thanks to the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition who oversees Bike to Work Day in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties and to, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission and Kaiser Permanente who provide funding.

For more information on Stanford's bicycle program and bike safety, visit the bike program website or email