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Organizational Behavior

The organizational behavior group is dedicated to advancing research, teaching, and practice regarding the management of organizations.

The group’s faculty members research fundamental questions in organizational behavior, from both a social psychological and a sociological perspective, and publish their research in books and in the top management and social science journals.

MBA courses in organizational behavior help students to understand behavior at both the individual and organization levels. Topics at the individual or “micro” level include individual motivation and behavior, decision-making, interpersonal communication and influence, small group behavior, and individual, dyadic, and intergroup conflict and cooperation. At the organization or “macro” level, topics include organizational growth, organizational change, organizational learning, organizations and leadership, power, social networks, and social responsibility.

More generally, the organizational behavior curriculum helps prepare students for their managerial careers, providing them with frameworks for diagnosing and dealing with the problems and opportunities that typically arise in organizational settings.

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