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How to Declare

Thinking about declaring a major/minor?

Enroll In an Introductory Course

Ideally, all prospective majors and minors in Art History, Art Practice, or Film and Media Studies should take ARTHIST 1B (Introduction to Visual Arts: Renaissance to the Present) or ARTHIST 1A (Introduction to the Visual Arts: Pre-historic to Medieval) during their freshman or sophomore year, in addition to an introductory lecture or studio course.  Students interested in Film & Media Studies should also take FILMSTUD 4 (Introduction to Film Study).

Schedule a meeting with the Undergraduate Coordinator

Please schedule an appointment with Linda Esquivel, the Undergraduate Coordinator, before declaring the major or minor in Axess.  This meeting should occur during the first two weeks of the quarter, or as soon as a student decides to declare the major/minor.  At this meeting you will review the program requirements and administrative forms.  The Undergraduate Coordinator will also review your transcript and outline the coursework required to complete the relevant degree requirements.

Declare on Axess

You will need to declare the major/minor officially through Axess (  After you declare the major/minor, your request will be finalized--provided you have met with the Undergraduate Coordinator.

Select a faculty adviser

The Undergraduate Coordinator will discuss the selection of a faculty adviser with you during your first scheduled meeting.  You may request a particular faculty member to act as your adviser; however, the designation of a particular adviser depends upon the number of undergraduate students already working with that faculty member. Your adviser must be a  member of the regular Stanford faculty (not an adjunct lecturer or adjunct professor). An Adviser Approval Request form must be signed by both the student and the faculty adviser in order for the request to be finalized and entered into Axess.