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Eclectic Electives

The View From Inside

INTNLREL 174: Diplomacy on the Ground: Case Studies in the Challenges of Representing Your Country

This class offers an insider’s look at how Americans in embassies handle diplomacy in the modern era. Case studies put students, for example, in the Berlin embassy during Hitler’s rise to power in the 1930s; in Tehran on the eve of the hostage crisis in 1979; and in Moscow during the Cold War. Students will engage closely with foreign policy issues, whether discussing authoritarian rule and human rights abuses or listening to interviews of foreign service officers.

STS 200I: Art and Technology

The ancient Greek notion of “craftsmanship”—still informs thinking about the relationship between, in Stanford parlance, “techie” and “fuzzie.” This seminar seeks to bridge the gap as it spans the ages. The course explores everything from how Arab mathematics influenced the invention of linear perspective during the Renaissance to how interactivity enables the emergence of media arts.

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