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Carol Lawrence retiring



Proving the saying "All good things must come to an end," Carol Lawrence is retiring after 19 years at Stanford Libraries, and 45 years of outstanding service in the library community.

After earning her library degree, Carol's career began in Pittsburgh, PA. She has worked across the country, for public, corporate, and academic libraries, in roles as diverse as cataloging, reference, and management of technical services groups. I am very grateful that after her self-described "checkered past," Carol came to SUL's Library Systems department in the spring of 1996, and found her niche for the next 19 years.

Carol's official title is Systems Analyst. In real life this means she knows the Symphony ILS inside and out, and puts this knowledge to excellent use in a million different ways. She has helped to develop web-based circulation statistics and fund management reports for selectors, she has helped Systems set up automatic loading of bibliographic records and invoice data from multiple vendors (building quality relationships with these vendors along with way), and she even knows the details of getting all the Symphony payments out to University Accounts Payable! She is our go to expert for all things Acquisitions in Symphony.

More than any list of accomplishments, Carol always brought enthusiasm, professionalism, and a sense of humor with her every day. (Not to mention a meticulous attention to detail that may never be equaled.)

Please join me in wishing Carol a wonderful retirement. She will be sorely missed.

By Darsi Rueda

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