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Demolition work on Meyer Library



Meyer Site Landscape Restoration

Demolition of Meyer Library is proceeding on schedule, and demo on the exterior structure of the building is slated to begin on February 9th. The concrete structure of the building will be crushed on site, and this work is going to be both loud and dusty. All possible steps will be taken to mitigate the dust and noise, including distribution of earplugs for staff and patrons, but staff should be prepared for some disruption in the area around Green Library.

There will also be some additional truck traffic in the area. The work will run until late March.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation during this work.

Meyer Library restoration image

By Mimi Calter


I remember when the library opened. Rudy Rogers asked me to prepare a one case exhibit for the sisters who were to be shown the building. Sorry to see it go. On the outside it was a unique building.
I began my career at Stanford in the Meyer Library Cataloging Unit in 1979 when it used a Microfiche catalog until the catalog was went online (Socrates). I participated in the Library's closure as a working library after Loma Prieta and then spent the the rest of my time physically working in the building until my retirement last year. It's sad for me to see "UGLI" go because it represents such a major part of my career at Stanford.

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