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Concierge 21: An insider's history of Green Library



Concierge keys.

Join us for a special session on the History and Design of Green Library.

Presenters Josh Schneider and Daniel Hartwig from the University Archives will regale us with a rich visual tour of the library and have on hand select items from the Archives for attendees to explore.

There will be two sessions, both located in the Green Library IC Classroom:

  • Monday, Sept. 22, 10am - 11am
  • Wednesday, Oct. 1,  3pm-4pm (NOTE: this session will be videotaped.)

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by Kris Kasianovitz


I'd like to sign up for the tour, but can't seem to make the sign up mechanism work. I get a "site unavailable" notice.

If you'd like to sign up for Concierge, please click on the Contact Us (HelpSU) link at the bottom of the CourseWork page.

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