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In memoriam: Alfonso Garcia



Photo of Alfonso Garcia

We are very sad to share the difficult news that Alfonso Garcia, a longtime portal monitor in Green Library, passed away Sunday, August 31, after a long illness.

Most or all of you probably knew Alfonso -- in fact, he was such a public presence at the Green Library portals, where he served for so many years, that literally tens of thousands of Stanford faculty and staff would surely recognize him for his friendly smile, his hearty laugh, and the perpetually positive and welcoming attitude with which he greeted all of our patrons, as well as the fond farewell he bade them as they left the building.

In addition to being one of the kindest public faces of our Stanford Libraries, Alfonso was also a lifelong musician and enthusiastic creator and promoter of Mexican music.  He was also an inspiring survivor for many years, and -- no matter what sorts of unimaginable pain and discomfort he may have been experiencing -- always a positive producer of very good vibes for our patrons and colleagues alike.  We will miss him terribly.

Library Human Resources will forward any condolences to Alfonso's family on our behalf, and will inform SUL staff when memorial services are announced.


Alfonso was friendly and genuinely kind to every person who passed the portal. A lover of life, his family with its Mexican food, and his music, he was also quietly spiritual, philosophic and warmly empathetic. Requiescat in pace!
Alphonso was a life force. We are all diminished by his passing. He was a fighter...fighting off his illness with great dignity...and an abiding faith in his creator and His son Jesus. I know I will see him again and will jam with him in heaven...once again his beautiful music will flavor the air as it enriched us so much while he was with us. God bless you Alphonso! (R.T.)
Alfonso's very cordial and friendly personality would always provide a gentler reality to several frazzled students and worried faculty and staff.
Alfonso was also very giving. He did thrive in his community, and many local musicians received helped from him to record, edit and improve songs and entire discs to advance their careers. His home-recording studio was always open to those aspiring to stardom, and equally to those simply interested in experimenting with music or merely wanting to have a good time jamming with Alfonso. And even during the times when his health was not at 100%, his attitude was always positive, often using wit, humor and irony to deal with life's ordeals. Alfonso leaves a huge void in the music scene for the Latino community in the South Bay, and he will be greatly missed in all cardinal directions of the Bay. May his soul rest in peace.

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