Raymond Levitt

Academic director and founder of the Stanford Advanced Project Management program. He is Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Director of the Collaboratory for Research on Global Projects, and Courtesy Professor of Medical Informatics at Stanford University. He also co-founded and directed Stanford's Center for Integrated Facility Engineering. Before coming to Stanford in 1980, he served on the MIT civil engineering faculty. Currently, he teaches classes in strategic planning and organization design for project/matrix organizations to Stanford engineering undergraduate and graduate students as well as project and corporate executives.

Since 1975, he has served as a consultant to Fortune 1000 and other global companies in the design of project/matrix organization structures, work processes, and IT applications to support project work. His present research focuses on modeling and simulating the significant institutional costs that can arise in global projects due to substantial differences in goals, values, and cultural norms among project stakeholders. His Virtual Design Team (VDT) research group has developed ground-breaking organization theory, methodology, and computer simulation tools to design organizations that can optimally execute complex, fast-track projects and programs.

His book, Executing Your Strategy (co-developed with William Malek and Mark Morgan) features the Strategic Execution Framework and serves as a common thread throughout the Stanford Advanced Project Management Program curriculum. He earned his PhD and MSCE in construction engineering and management from Stanford University and his BSCE, cum laude, from Witwatersrand University in South Africa.