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Hopkins Marine Station, Chautauqua, & David Starr Jordan



Chautauqua brochure from 1892.
Don Kohrs was featured in an article from this week's Monterey County Weekly.  He was interviewed by a Hopkins Marine Station graduate student who is interning at the paper. Don got interested in the early history of Hopkins and then expanded his research to include the early adult education movement in the U.S. and Pacific Grove.  Stanford's first president, David Starr Jordan, participated in Chautauqua events held in Pacific Grove.
Check out the article "SKIRTS AND SEA STARS: Pacific Grove librarian chronicles how women trailblazed hands-on science education".  Also check out the Chautauqua by the Sea Facebook page Don has put together.
Joe Wible
Miller Library, Hopkins Marine Station
by Joe Wible


A study of the Pacific Coast Assembly of the Chautauqua Literary and Science Circle (CLSC) affords one the opportunity to interpret, understand and appreciate the religious, social, political forces that shaped, and continue to shape, not only the city of Pacific Grove, but the state of California. The Pacific Coast Assembly of the CLSC is a unique Chautauqua story, in the fact that no other daughter Chautauqua Assembly, had for it’s course of instruction, the strong emphasis on natural science related courses and no other Chautauqua Assembly would establish, as part of its teaching resources, a museum of natural history

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