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Which whiteboard, which pens?



IC Classroom SmartBoard

The IC Classroom has a new SmartBoard - a great tool. But, it also has regular whiteboards. The pens and eraser are not interchangeable. 

The "pens" and eraser need to remain in the tray for the SmartBoard to work properly. They cannot be used on the regular whiteboard. Conversely, Dry Erase pens cannot be used on the new whiteboard as it will cause damage to our new instruction tool. Your cooperation is very much appreciated.

by Malgorzata I Schaefer


Could stickers/labels be added to the pens to help people differentiate between the two, in case they get mixed up for some reason?
Although you can quickly see a difference in the pens, there has been some confusion as to which pen does what. We do plan to label the pens that are dedicated to the Smart Board to help with any confusion.

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