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Miller Library receives some tender loving care



Hopkins Marine Station Roofing Project

It is hard to believe the Miller Library is 23 years old. The building has held up remarkably well given its exposure to the salt water laden winds.

Work was completed yesterday replacing all of the library's copper gutters. The roof on the cupola was also replaced in response to a small leak. The humpback whale weathervane installed back in 1999 had lost its fins as the result of sea gulls perching on it, so a new one was built and installed.

Harold A. Miller Library. The humpback whale weathervane installed back in 1999.

Thanks go to Jon Flores, the Zone Projects Manager for Hopkins Marine Station.

We had good timing since they are forecasting five days of rain starting this morning.

A red shouldered hawk admiring the library's new gutters in the morning rain.




Photo: A red shouldered hawk admiring
the library's new gutters in this morning's rain.

Joe Wible
Harold A. Miller Library


by Joe Wible


That's one funny-looking sea gull in the third picture. Otherwise, it is assuring to know Miller Library is being protected from the elements.
An important line left off the original post. Per Joe W., photo is of a red shouldered hawk.
Also, I have to be the birder geek and say that the generic term is "gulls" not "sea gulls". Many gulls live well away from the sea. Of course, any gull that's hanging out at Hopkins is probably quite familiar with the sea.

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