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More better Caltrain information



Attention Caltrain Riders:

There is a new (launched yesterday) iPhone app called Nimbler Caltrain that claims to:

  • push alerts to your iPhone
  • provide fast access to Caltrain schedules
  • plan door-to-door trips throughout the Bay Area,including
  • Muni, BART and VTA routing

To try it out, download Nimbler Caltrain at the iPhone App Store, or visit for more information.

This is not an endorsement per se (I have loaded, but not tried out, this app) but if this thing works as claimed, it could be useful to all us Caltrain riders.

Oh, it's free, too.

Best commuting wishes,



Good to hear that there's a new option - was on Caltrain earlier this week and the conductors announced that the current app didn't have the latest schedule that changed on 10/1 and they were telling people to stick with printed one for now.

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