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Kathryn M Kerns

Head of Cubberley Education Library
Curator for Education Resources
Subject Librarian for Psychology


  • (650) 996-0592

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Kathryn's role in the library

I am the Head of the Cubberley Education Library, which means selecting and managing the collections, helping students and faculty with research or finding information, and providing leadership for Cubberley. I also select library materials related to psychology for both Cubberley and Green Library, as well as helping researchers in this area of research.

Topic Guides by Kathryn

Guide Last Updated Subject tag
Psychology - General 2014-04-09 Psychology
Affective Science (Psychology) 2014-07-03 Psychology, Affective sciences
Cognitive Psychology 2014-04-09 Psychology, Cognition
Developmental Psychology 2014-04-09 Psychology, Developmental psychology
Neuroscience (Psychology) 2015-03-16 Psychology, Neuroscience (psychology)
Social Psychology 2014-04-09 Psychology, Social psychology
Working with citations 2013-08-28 General reference
Children's books by guided reading level 2015-09-17 Children's literature, Education
Adult education 2015-09-25 Education
Elementary education 2015-10-05 Education
Children's books -- elementary level 2015-10-05 Children's literature, Education
Children's books -- middle school level 2015-10-05 Children's literature, Education
Children's & young adult books -- awards 2013-06-17 Children's literature, Education
Children's books -- special collections 2013-12-13 Children's literature, Education
African education 2015-10-08 African studies, Education
Alternative education 2015-09-28 Education
Asian education 2015-10-08 Asian studies, Education
Science education 2015-09-28 Education
Assessment in education 2015-10-05 Education, Developmental psychology
Arts in education 2015-09-18 Art, Children's literature, Education
Anthropology of education 2015-10-05 Anthropology, Education
History and social science education 2015-09-14 History, Education
Character education 2015-09-18 Education
Child development 2015-10-05 Education, Developmental psychology
Children's literature 2015-06-26 Children's literature, Education
School violence 2015-07-08 Education, Psychology
Classroom management 2015-10-08 Education, Psychology
Creativity and education 2015-09-28 Education
Curriculum studies 2015-08-20 Education
Discrimination and equal education 2015-10-05 Education
Early childhood education 2015-10-05 Education
Economics of education 2015-10-05 Economics and business, Education
Education policy 2015-10-05 Education, Political science
Education research 2015-09-09 Education
Education and psychology 2015-09-28 Education, Psychology
Environmental education 2015-06-05 Environmental education, Education
African Americans and education 2015-10-08 Education, Race and ethnicity studies
Catholic education and students 2015-09-28 Religious studies, Education
European education 2015-10-05 Education
Gender and education 2015-09-28 Education, Feminist studies
Guidance and counseling (education) 2015-07-10 Education, Psychology
Higher education 2015-10-05 Education
History of education 2015-10-05 History, Education
Indigenous peoples and education 2015-08-28 Native American studies, Education, Race and ethnicity studies
International comparative education 2015-10-05 Education
Education law 2015-09-28 Education, Law
Giftedness and education 2015-09-18 Education
Islamic education and Muslims 2015-09-28 Islam and Islamic Middle East studies, Education
Jewish education 2015-07-27 Jewish studies, Education
Religion and education 2015-09-18 Religious studies, Education
English and language arts education 2015-09-28 Education
Music in education 2015-08-14 Music, Education
Mathematics education 2015-10-05 Children's literature, Mathematics and statistics, Education
Latin American education 2015-09-28 Latin American studies, Education
Latinos and education 2015-09-28 Chicana/o studies, Education
Leadership in education 2015-10-05 Education
LGBTQ and education 2015-06-05 Education, LGBT studies
Literacy 2015-09-17 Education
Motivation and education 2015-09-28 Education, Psychology
Multicultural education 2015-10-05 Education, Race and ethnicity studies
Neurosciences and learning 2015-06-25 Education, Neuroscience (psychology)
Qualitative research in education 2015-07-31 Education
Quantitative research in education 2015-08-26 Education
School and community 2015-08-14 Education
Asian Americans and education 2014-07-03 Education, Race and ethnicity studies
School and education reform 2015-10-05 Education
Children's books recently received by Cubberley Library 2015-10-05 Children's literature, Education
Second language learning 2015-09-18 Education
Social justice and education 2015-10-05 Education
Sociology of education 2015-10-05 Education, Sociology
Special needs education 2015-09-28 Education
Teaching and teacher education 2015-10-06 Education
Technology and education 2015-10-06 Education
Urban education 2015-10-06 Education
Vocational education 2015-06-15 Education
World languages education 2015-07-27 Education
Philosophy of education 2015-09-28 Philosophy, Education
India and education 2015-09-28 South Asian studies, Education
Immigrant and migrant education 2015-09-18 Education
Wordless picturebooks 2015-06-23 Children's literature, Education
Reading instruction 2015-09-14 Education
Writing instruction 2015-10-06 Education
Teaching shapes with children's books 2015-09-18 Children's literature, Education
Pop-up and movable books 2013-09-24 Children's literature, Education
Technology in higher education teaching 2015-09-18 Education
Children's books by or about Native Americans 2015-05-01 Native American studies, Children's literature, Education
Children's books by or about African Americans 2015-09-25 African American studies, Children's literature, Education
Children's books with an Asian theme 2015-06-01 Children's literature, Asian studies, Education
Children's books by or about Asian Americans 2015-09-18 Asian American studies, Children's literature, Education
Children's books with a LGBTQ theme 2015-09-09 Children's literature, Education, LGBT studies
Children's books with a Latin American theme 2015-10-05 Children's literature, Latin American studies, Education
Children's books by or about Latinos and Hispanic Americans 2015-09-18 Chicana/o studies, Children's literature, Education
Children's books about those with special needs 2015-04-21 Children's literature, Education
Young adult literature 2015-09-25 Children's literature, Education
Counting books 2015-02-18 Children's literature, Education
Children's books with an Islamic theme 2015-08-03 Children's literature, Islam and Islamic Middle East studies, Education
Children's books with a Jewish theme 2015-09-09 Children's literature, Jewish studies, Education
Spanish and Spanish/English children's books 2015-10-05 Children's literature, Iberian Peninsula studies, Latin American studies, Education
Children's books with an African theme 2015-10-08 African literature, Children's literature, African studies, Education
Children's books about women 2015-09-18 Children's literature, Education, Feminist studies
Children's books with a musical theme 2015-07-02 Music, Children's literature, Education
Children's books about science 2015-09-25 Children's literature, Education
Children's books about history 2015-09-25 History, Children's literature, Education
Fantasy for children and young adults 2015-09-25 Children's literature, Education
Poetry for children and young adults 2015-10-05 Children's literature, Education
Children's books about the environment 2015-09-18 Children's literature, Environmental education, Education
Graphic novels and education 2015-08-26 Children's literature, Education
Mysteries for children and young adults 2015-07-16 Children's literature, Education

Course Guides by Kathryn

Course number Term Guide Instructor
PWR2JLB Spring 2013 Rhetoric and education reform Lee, J.
PWR 2EE Spring 2015 Once upon a cause: producing picture books for local children Ellis, E.
PWR 1JPA Spring 2015 The rhetoric of a liberal arts education Peterson, J.

Professional activities

Member, American Educational Research Association

Selected publications

Contributor to Historical Dictionary of Women's Education in the United States edited by Linda Eisenmann.  Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1998.

Contributor to American Women Civil Rights Activists edited by Gayle J. Hardy.  Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 1993

Antebellum Higher Education for Women in Western New York, 1993 (Dissertation)

"Farmers' Daughters: The Education of Women at Alfred Academy and University before the Civil War," The History of Higher Education Annual 6 (1986): 11-28.

More about Kathryn

I've worked at Ohio State University, Alfred University, and came to Stanford in 1988 to work in Meyer Library when it was an undergraduate library.  I also worked in Green Library for a number of years first in General Reference and then later in the Information Center (six years as its head) before coming to Cubberley in 2006.


PhD, Education, University of Pennsylvania
MA, History, SUNY Buffalo
MLS, Information Science, SUNY Buffalo
BA, History and Education, SUNY Buffalo