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About VHIL: The mission of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University is to understand the dynamics and implications of interactions among people in immersive virtual reality simulations (VR), and other forms of human digital representations in media, communication systems, and games. The lab was founded by Prof. Jeremy Bailenson whose book, Infinite Reality, explores the impact of VHIL research.

Virtual Human Interaction Lab – Stanford University


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Kelp Forest

Stanford scholars — The Goldbogen Lab and The Virtual Human Interaction Lab — have teamed with BBC Big Blue Live to capture immersive 360 footage of a vibrant kelp forest. This immersive learning tool will be used to teach about marine science and to understand the role of immersive media in education

Arkansas Football Virtual Reality

A graduate thesis from VHIL has transformed the way that football players train, and VHIL research has been embraced by commissioners of both the NFL and the NBA.

President Obama with Stanford students

President Obama visited Stanford and gave feedback on our "Empathy at Scale" project. He sees an application in congressional relationships.

Avatar Position/Patient Position

Using an avatar to remap the brain/body schema can reduce physical pain. Andrea Stevenson Won's work on Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome accepted for publication in Pain Medicine