Stanford Organization Search is the first step toward putting the organization sections of the annual printed Stanford Directory online for searching.

The online directory includes:

This basic information is the section in bold at the top of each department's listing in the printed directory, that looks something like this:

Margaret Jacks Hall, Bldg. 460, 2nd floor, 450 Serra Mall
     - MC:2087
Info:3-2635, FAX:5-0755

The online directory does not yet include:

How to search

Just enter a search term that is more than 2 characters long. Any single term you enter (.e.g "law") will be searched as both an identifier and a keyword. Multiple terms (e.g. "law school" will be searched as keywords only.

Keywords in the organization name

The following organization names are searched by keyword:

Keywords are searched with an implicit wildcard at the end; you can explicitly enter an asterisk anywhere in the term. If you use an asterisk, your search term must include 3 or more characters (in addition to the *).

Example: fac or fac* will find

  • fac/staff
  • facility
  • faculty

Example: fa*y will find

  • faculty
  • facility
  • family

Common words, such as of, in, the, and, for, etc. are not searched.

Example: for will find

  • Ford/Burnham
  • foreign
  • forum

but not

  • Center for Design Research


All Stanford organizations have a 4-character Administrative ID (AdminID, also known as the "org code") and some academic organizations also have an Academic ID (AcadID). Identifier searches are by exact match only. They are not stem-matched (e.g. the search term "FA" will not find all the org codes beginning with FA), and if your search term contains an asterisk (*), it will not be searched as an identifier.

Search results

If your search finds more than one organization

Search results list the "Display Name" of each organization found, followed by its org code (AdminID) in brackets. If the organization also has an academic ID (AcadID), that is listed after the AdminID.


Each organization displays its location in the Stanford organization hierarchy, to help you select between different organizations with similar names:

Faculty Support [UEFW]
in Associate Dean for Administration » Chief Operating Officer » Graduate School of Business
Faculty Support [HHJW]
in Registrars Office » University Registrar » Vice Provost for Student Affairs » Provost's Office

Organizations may have alternate searchable names, to provide additional access points. If these exist, they are displayed after the hierarchy.

Department of Energy Resources Engineering [TASA, PETROLENGR]
in School of Earth Sciences
includes Petroleum Engineering

Sort order of results

If your search results include Schools and Offices at the top level of the organization hierarchy (that is, organizations whose direct parent is Stanford University), they will appear at the top of the search results, in large font, like this:

Law School [TMVZ, LAW]

If your search term matches an organization's ID and also matches keywords in some organization names, the ID match will be marked as such, and displayed immediately after any Schools or Offices in the results list. All remaining results are listed in alphabetical order by name.

E.g.: The Music department appears first in this list (out of alphabetic order) because its AcadID matches the search term "music":

  • Music [PIEE, MUSIC] id match
  • Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics [PILT]
  • Music Library [JPEF]

Displaying the organization listing

The organization listing page is displayed either when you click an organization's name in the results list, or when your search finds only one match (e.g. an AdminID search). It includes a subset of the information listed below, for each organization. Apart from the names and identifiers shown in bold, it is the responsibility of the organization's maintainer to determine what information to display.

  • Display Name
  • Registered Name (if different from Display Name)
  • Campus Location
  • Mailing Address
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Department Website
  • Administrative ID
  • Academic ID
  • Referred from (see references)
  • See also references (links to other organizations)

For information about maintaining organization information, or becoming an organization maintainer, see How to maintain your organization's online listing.