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Combined Heat and Power Partnership

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The CHP Partnership seeks to reduce the environmental impacts of electric power generation by promoting the use of CHP.

Tools for Project Developers and Policymakers

Photo of CHP system (e.g., turbine or recip engine)The Catalog of CHP Technologies provides an overview of how CHP systems work and the key concepts of efficiency and power-to-heat ratios. It also provides information about the cost and performance characteristics of five commercially available CHP prime movers.

Photo of industrial power plant with emissionsThe CHP Emissions Calculator calculates the difference between the anticipated carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), sulfur dioxide (SO2), and nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from a CHP system to those of a separate heat and power system. The calculator also presents estimated emissions reductions as metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) and emissions from passenger vehicles.

Map of the U.S.dCHPP (CHP Policies and incentives database) is an online database that allows users to search for CHP policies and incentives by state or at the federal level.

Photo of man wearing hard hat and blueprint.The CHP Project Development Handbook provides information, tools, and insights on project development, CHP technologies, and the resources of the CHP Partnership. The Handbook will help you become an educated CHP Champion who can save your organization time and money, reduce business risk and environmental impacts, and improve the power reliability of your facility.

Photo of items on a deskThe CHP Spark Spread Estimator (XLSM, 1MB) calculates the difference between the delivered electricity price and the total cost to generate power with a prospective CHP system. The Estimator will help you easily evaluate a prospective CHP system for its potential economic feasibility.

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