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National Center for Environmental Economics

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Draft Technical Guidance for Assessing Environmental Justice in Regulatory Analysis

Final Guidelines for Preparing Economic Analyses - New chapter on distributional analysis

Retrospective Study of the Costs of EPA Regulations (Final Report)

October 2012 Workshop: Advancing the Theory and Methods for Understanding Employment Effects of Environmental Regulation

EPA's Handbook on Land Cleanup and Reuse

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Recent Publications & Seminars

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Center for Environmental Economics (NCEE) offers a centralized source of technical expertise to the Agency, as well as other federal agencies, Congress, universities, and other organizations. NCEE’s staff specializes in analyzing the economic and health impacts of environmental regulations and policies, and assists EPA by informing important policy decisions with sound economics and other sciences. NCEE also contributes to and manages EPA's research on environmental economics to improve the methods and data available for policy analysis.

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