Inspiring Future Scientists in Chemistry

Our program provides high school students the opportunity to interact with other young scientists who are truly passionate and excited about chemistry. Through novel hands-on guided inquiry lab experience we hope to instill an appreciation for how chemistry is critical to decisions that we make in the ‘real world’ and ignite an interest in young students to pursue futures in the sciences. Read more about our program here.

The Chemistry Department at Stanford is excited to announce a new branch of their High School outreach program. Aimed at exposing students to graduate school, research and the steps to becoming a scientist, small outreach groups from Stanford Chemistry are hosting presentations on- and off-campus for local high school students.

Each presentation features the projects of a couple current Ph.D. students in chemistry or chemical engineering and uses cool demos to help illustrate some of the fundamental chemistry concepts that are at work within the research. The group then opens the presentation up to questions from the high school students. This allows students to ask about the educational pathways one might take to get into college and science research, what the daily life is like for a graduate student, and what kinds of careers one might pursue in the sciences. The program has already been very busy working with local high school teachers and students for events throughout the bay area. Please let us know if you might be interested in coordinating a visit!