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To discover is to ask questions and search for answers. Moments of discovery awaken possibilities, reveal new paths, and inspire solutions. Years of discovery can change the world.
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The Stanford Advantage

The School of Humanities and Sciences represents the heart of Stanford University. Awarding 75 percent of undergraduate degrees and nearly 40 percent of doctorates, H&S is Stanford’s largest school. Undergraduate education takes place alongside graduate training and research by faculty who are leaders in their fields. This is the Stanford advantage:

Critical mass of the best faculty and students
Outstanding faculty attract the best undergraduate and graduate students, who in turn play an essential role in challenging and stimulating scholarship. This critical mass of great minds is advantageous for everyone. Students are empowered to work in meaningful ways with professors who have expertise in fields ranging from high-energy physics to religion and global conflict. And professors rely on students to carry out research, spark new ideas, and ultimately reshape their disciplines.

Culture of collaboration
The school’s location on one campus promotes unprecedented research partnerships. Collaboration is intrinsic to the school’s mission: Whether you’re a freshman or a Nobel Prize winner, opportunities abound to partner with like-minded scholars. At H&S, creative interdisciplinary tracks are encouraged and supported at the highest levels.

Commitment to solutions and new knowledge
Interdisciplinary research across H&S addresses the most urgent challenges facing society today—problems too complex to be tackled by any single discipline. An emphasis on seeking solutions is balanced by a commitment to contribute to the basic research that forms the foundation for all future discoveries.

Recent Highlights: