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Related Offices

The President is responsible for the management of the University and all its departments, including the operation of the physical plant and the administration of the University's business activities. To assist in the performance of these duties, the President, with the approval of the Board of Trustees, appoints a number of officers.

Organization Chart for Office of the President (Admin Guide 9.1.1)

The offices which report directly to the President include:

The Office of the Provost

The Provost, as the chief academic and budget officer, administers the academic program (instruction and research in schools and other unaffliliated units) and University services in support of the academic program (student affairs, libraries, information resources, and institutional planning).

Vice President for Business Affairs & Chief Financial Officer

The Vice President for Business Affairs & Chief Financial Officer is responsible to the President for exercising the University’s fiduciary responsibilities through management of financial policy and systems, financial controls, internal audit, research administration, risk management, public safety, information technology systems and services, human resources, procurement, financial analysis and planning and educational ventures.

General Counsel/Stanford Legal Office

The General Counsel is responsible to the President of the University for the provision of legal services to the University and other units. He or she is responsible for the hiring, training and supervision of all University staff attorneys and for the retention, direction, and use of all outside counsel. Only the General Counsel may retain outside counsel to provide legal services to the University. The General Counsel ensures the appropriate use of legal services within the areas of responsibility of all University departments and serves as legal advisor to the University President, the Board of Trustees and all other units of the University.

Vice President for Development

The Vice President for Development is responsible to the President of the University for planning, coordinating, and managing the gift procurement programs of the University. The Vice President for Development works closely with the President, the Provost, and the Deans to define the fundraising requirements of the University and implement programs to address those needs.

Vice President for Public Affairs

The Vice President for Public Affairs reports to the President of the University and is responsible for directing the University's relations with government agencies, coordinating Stanford's initiatives in community relations, and overseeing communications, media relations and University events.

Vice President for Human Resources

The Vice President's office oversees eight departments that comprise the University Human Resources business unit. Those departments provide key employment-related services and support to Stanford faculty, staff, temporary workers, retirees, postdoctoral students, and student employees. In addition, the Vice President is responsible for human resources processes and administration at Stanford.

CEO Stanford Management Company

The role of the Stanford Management Company (SMC) is to invest and manage Stanford University's endowment and other financial assets. SMC, as Stanford's endowment and trust fiduciary, plays an important role in building and maintaining a strong financial foundation to support the University's teaching, learning, and research mission.

President of the Stanford Alumni Association

The President of the Stanford Alumni Association (SAA) is responsible to the President of the University for its alumni relations efforts. SAA’s mission is to reach, serve and engage all Stanford alumni and students to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection between the University and its graduates, and to provide the University with goodwill and support.

Associate Vice President for Strategic Planning

The Associate Vice President for Strategic Planning works in the Office of the President and assists with the development and implementation of a variety of new University-wide initiatives as well as the ongoing strategic support of various interdisciplinary endeavors throughout the University.

Associate Vice President for University Affairs and Secretary of the Board of Trustees


Director of SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

The Director of the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory is responsible to the President of the University for the administration and operation of the Linear Accelerator Center. In addition, the Director of SLAC is responsible to the Provost for academic matters. In conjunction with other University officers, the SLAC Director represents the University in its interactions with the Department of Energy. The Director is concerned with long-range planning for the scientific mission, physical facilities, and financial operations of the Center.

Director of Hoover Institution

The Director of the Hoover Institution is responsible for recommending appointments to the President of the University and supervising the staff of the Institution, for directing and supervising the Institution’s research and publication programs, for directing the Institution’s library and archival programs, and for preparing and administering the Institution’s annual budget. The Director is also responsible for planning, coordinating, and managing the Institution’s fund-raising program.

Vice President for Land, Buildings and Real Estate

Overarching a collective of ten departments, the Land, Buildings & Real Estate (LBRE) organization supports the University by preserving and enhancing Stanford’s campus, facilities and adjoining lands.


Additional information can be found in the Stanford Administrative Guide.